BTS’ V reassures fans after stalker incident: ‘I am fine’

Credit: Twitter

BTS member V, known as one of the beloved artists in the global music scene, recently faced a concerning incident involving a stalker. On October 26, V had a harrowing encounter with an overzealous fan who followed him into his residential elevator, attempting to hand over a marriage certificate. Fortunately, the individual was swiftly apprehended by the police. This incident once again highlights the darker side of fame and the invasive behaviors of some individuals.

V’s Reassurance to Fans

Following the unsettling experience, V took to social media to assure his worried fans. He posted a serene picture on Weverse, showing him enjoying the sunset near a body of water. With a touch of charm, he captioned the image with the words, “Ayhey, I am fine~~ Do not worry.”

On Instagram, V shared multiple stories that revealed him enjoying quality time with his fellow band members, engaging in a jamming session. He used the hashtag ‘taecrew’ and sprinkled his stories with emojis of musical instruments and musical notes. Through these posts, V made a sincere effort to let his fans know that he is safe and continuing with his regular activities.

A Disturbing Stalking Incident

The incident that sparked concerns unfolded on October 26 when a woman in her 30s was found waiting outside V’s residence. She surreptitiously followed him into the residential elevator and attempted to hand him a marriage application. Fortunately, the security team intervened, prompting her to flee the scene. The stalker’s identity was revealed through her name, which was printed on the marriage certificate she tried to give to V. Subsequently, she was taken into police custody and is currently under investigation. There are also suspicions that she may have been involved in a prior stalking case.

Firm Response from BIGHIT MUSIC

BIGHIT MUSIC, the management company overseeing BTS, officially addressed the incident. They firmly declared that they would not tolerate any actions that infringe upon their artists’ privacy or jeopardize their safety. This underscores the commitment of the agency to protect their talents from intrusive behaviors.

It’s worth noting that this incident is not an isolated one. Earlier this month, HYBE LABELS, the parent company of BIGHIT MUSIC, took legal action against an online harasser who had been disseminating malicious comments and hate towards V. The unfortunate reality of fame often brings unwarranted scrutiny and risks to artists, making it imperative for both fans and the entertainment industry to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring their safety and well-being.