BTS’ V reveals his friendship tattoo’s location and upcoming solo debut album details

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BTS member V never fails to amaze his fans one way or the other. There is no denying that Tae Bear loves to have fun with the Army and multiple instances prove the same. On September 25, 2022, the BTS member went ahead and tested a live broadcast function on the popular fan community platform Weverse. Unfortunately, the live session lasted for a very short time, but it was enough to leave the fans baffled about what he is up to right now. Not only that but V also responded to a few of the fans’ comments when they enquired about the same.


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The friendship tattoo

By now, most of the BTS members have revealed their friendship tattoos to date that they got on the occasion of their 9th debut anniversary. The same also marked the beginning of the second chapter for BTS. While almost every member has revealed the location and picture of their ‘7’ tattoos, V and Suga are yet to unveil the same. While fans are curious to know about the same, Taehyung recently revealed that he got the tattoo on his butt cheeks! The revelation has surely left the fans in splits and a few of them also expressed their disbelief over the same.


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Solo album

Continuing with his surprises, V also informed the fans that he has been working on his solo album for a long time and have previously teased the songs too! While the rumors about the tracks and his solo debut are rife every time, the BTS member has revealed that since he scrapped his earlier created tracks, he is working on everything from scratch again.

Earlier news

BTS member V is among the latest celebrities to grace the front cover of Vogue Korea for their October issue. After a lot of speculations by the BTS army, the magazine finally unveiled the recent photoshoots of V, aka Kim Taehyung and there is no denying that they are unmissable. V is seen exuding grace and style in all the alluring photos that have now gone viral on social media.

A total number of three photographs were shared online that displayed the BTS member gazing softly towards the camera. He was seen donning an all-white look against the backdrop of an outdoor setting. In yet another picture, he was seen waiting outside a bedroom. The third picture showed V in a close-up shot as he makes eye contact with the camera.