BTS’ V reveals why he collaborated with IU for ‘Love Wins All’ before military enlistment


Just as the fans were waiting to know, BTS’ V has finally shared the reason behind shooting the official music video for Love Wins All with IU. For the unversed, this activity happened ahead of his upcoming military enlistment. The behind-the-scenes video further showcases the amazing camaraderie between Kim Taehyung and IU. It portrayed them as playful colleagues. For the unversed, the official music video for ‘Love Wins All’ featuring V and IU was released on January 24, 2024.

BTS’ V on his collaboration

The behind-the-scenes footage of IU and Tae Bear collaborating on the music video offers a glimpse into their delightful dynamic too.  The pair definitely exudes warmth and camaraderie despite the cold weather. The duo is further seen exchanging playful banter and supporting each other throughout the shoot. Their chemistry is evident throughout the video as they joke around and share candid moments with each other behind the camera.

V is definitely dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on fans before his enlistment to the military. It shows his commitment to creating meaningful content despite his busy schedule. Here is what Tae Bear said about his latest collaboration with IU, “Trying to leave a lot for ARMYs,’ and we definitely are with him here, isn’t it?

Love Wins All

IU’s Love Wins All was definitely a surprise release! The best part is that it features BTS’ V. The same video emerges as a cinematic marvel and unfolds a tale of concealed affection along with tragic circumstances. The music video was directed by Um Tae Hwa and was unveiled on January 24, 2024. It definitely transports viewers to a post-apocalyptic world. It is there that IU and Taehyung portray a totally poignant love story that speaks of remarkable finesse.

The video not only offers the BTS Army a glimpse into the making of Love Wins All but it also serves as a touching reminder that music and friendship always transcend boundaries. Meanwhile, the Army is eagerly waiting for Kim Taehyung to return from his military duties apart from the other BTS members.

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