BTS’ V sends fans into a frenzy with his latest shirtless PHOTO

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The BTS members never fail to win hearts with their social media profiles. It has been almost a year since they opened their Instagram accounts, and they have got over a million followers already! Right now, the members are busy with their individual projects, including upcoming group concerts. However, even after that, they do not fail to keep fans updated on social media. Now, BTS member V has pulled the crowd once again by sharing a new Instagram post.

V’s new post

Talking about Kim Taehyung, the BTS member has recently gifted fans an exclusive look at himself that has sent the Army into a frenzy. There is no denying that ardent fans were eagerly waiting to see this unique side of him. V aka Tae Bear has recently shared an Instagram post that includes two pictures – a colored and a monochromatic one. Onlookers can see him perched atop a park bench while looking on the other side. However, what caught everyone’s attention was his fully exposed back.

The BTS member is seen sitting barefoot, and there is no denying that fans can’t get enough of the same. We can see a jacket at the end of his arms as the K-pop star sits comfortably posing with a leg supporting his body. He is also seen wearing a loose pair of jeans.

Check out the pictures below.


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The rumored relationship

BTS member V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie have been making headlines quite often for the past few months owing to the same. Be it V and Jennie’s alleged pictures going viral on social media to onlookers reportedly spotting them on different holiday destinations, the two artists have grabbed the limelight all the time. In the midst of all this, the netizens seem to have found another piece of evidence that proves V and Jennie are supposedly together!

Recently, all the members of BLACKPINK, including Jennie, performed at the MTV VMAs 2022 for the very first time. Soon after, Jisoo and Lisa returned to South Korea. However, Jennie and Rosé chose to return to their home country a little later. Talking about Jennie, she also shared snaps from her day around the United States, especially her time in New York.

The netizen’s speculations

It was at the same time that BTS member V visited New York City for a magazine shoot. Within no time, rumors spread like wildfire about Tae Bear’s sudden visit to the States. Many netizens even speculated that the rumored couple may have met in New York at the same time.


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