BTS’ V shows support for Bada Lee’s Crew on Instagram; Check HOW


On October 3, 2023, BTS member V delighted fans by sharing a collection of photos on his Instagram account. Among these pictures, one stood out as a heartfelt display of support for Bada Lee’s dance crew, who is currently participating in the second season of “Street Woman Fighter,” a popular dance reality show featuring dance crews competing against each other.

This season also saw the inclusion of international teams, namely the global dance crew Jam Republic and the Japanese team Tsuba Kill.


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V’s Gesture of Support

In the Instagram post, V was seen wearing a blue hoodie and holding a biscuit with the word “Bebe” on it, which coincidentally happens to be the name of Bada Lee’s crew. The color blue also happens to be the official color of Bada Lee’s team on the show. This thoughtful gesture from V garnered attention from fans and the dance community alike.

Bada Lee’s Playful Reaction

Bada Lee, a renowned choreographer responsible for crafting dance moves for various K-pop songs, including aespa’s “Next Level” and Kai’s “Rover,” playfully reacted to V’s post. On October 4, she shared V’s Instagram post on her own account via a story. In her response, she described V’s gesture as “cute” and humorously pointed out that he was wearing blue, which coincided perfectly with her team’s concept on the show.

Collaboration History

V and Bada Lee had previously collaborated in September of the same year on Bada Lee’s “Smoke Challenge.” Dancer GOF from Bank II Brothers, who had participated in the previous season of “Street Man Fighter,” was also part of the collaboration. V’s smooth execution of the choreography and his unique flair during the challenge gained significant attention from fans and dance enthusiasts.

V’s Recent Solo Success

On September 8, V made waves with the release of his debut solo album titled “Layover,” featuring the lead track “Slow Dancing.” The album achieved remarkable success by amassing over 100 million streams on Spotify within its first week of release. Comprising five tracks along with a bonus sixth track, which is a piano version of “Slow Dancing,” “Layover” garnered a total of 101.4 million streams and 2,101,974 sales during its first week.

Notable Social Activities

V has been actively engaging with his fellow artists and friends. He recently enjoyed a vacation with Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Joon, with whom he had previously worked on the historical drama series “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.” Additionally, V shared his experience of visiting an Indian restaurant with fellow BTS members Jimin and Jungkook, offering fans glimpses into his social interactions and adventures beyond his music career.