BTS’ V stars in IU’s Palette; Reacts to the latter singing Love Me Again

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Fans of both BTS and IU have something exciting to look forward to as V from BTS is set to make a special appearance on IU’s popular musical talk show, “IU’s Palette.” The episode is highly anticipated, and IU gave fans a sneak peek into what’s to come by performing V’s song, “Love Me Again,” during a clip she posted. IU’s rendition of “Love Me Again” infused the song with her unique style and showcased her angelic vocals. The performance left a lasting impression on the audience, with the BTS member seated just behind her, nodding along appreciatively as IU serenaded the crowd with his own song.

V’s Heartwarming Reaction to IU’s High Note

While IU’s heavenly vocals were a highlight of the performance, it was Kim Taehyung’s reaction that stole the show. Despite V’s own distinctive vocal abilities, he appeared genuinely surprised and fascinated by IU’s interpretation of his song.

[선공개🎨] 'Love Me Again' IU Live Clip (With 뷔)

As IU began singing, her mellifluous voice resonated deeply with ARMYs (BTS fandom) and netizens alike. IU added her personal touch and unique vocal color to the song, making the performance truly special. V couldn’t help but be engrossed by IU’s enchanting voice, even dancing along with the music played by the talented band.

A Memorable High Note Moment

One particular moment that captured fans’ attention was when IU hit an extraordinarily high note in the song. From a distance, Tae Bear’s surprised expression was evident, and the camera zoomed in on him, revealing his genuine reaction to IU’s talented voice. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and affection for witnessing V’s heartfelt and wholesome response to IU’s vocals. The episode featuring BTS’ V is scheduled to be unveiled on September 12, 2023, at 6 PM KST, and fans are eagerly awaiting this musical collaboration between two beloved artists.

About IU’s Palette

“IU’s Palette” is a delightful talk show hosted by the exceptionally talented singer IU. Known for its friendly and laid-back atmosphere, the show seamlessly blends humor with musical segments, including song covers and duets performed alongside the featured guests.

Past Guests

IU’s Palette has featured other notable K-pop artists, including BTS’s SUGA and J-Hope. SUGA’s appearance marked a significant moment as it was their first public interaction since their collaboration on the song “Eight” in May 2020 and their more recent joint venture on “People Pt.2.” Another BTS member, J-Hope also made a surprise appearance on the show, engaging in a delightful hour-long conversation with IU about various topics, including his album and their shared love for mint chocolate.