BTS’ V, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook to release their solo albums next year?

Will BTS still be able to perform while doing military service?
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BTS’ Army finally seems to have found some solace amid the disappointment and heartbreak following the announcement of the Septet’s mandatory military enlistment. However, the K-pop group seems to have multiple surprises in store! HYBE CEO Park Ji-Won has recently commented on the status of Suga, V, Jungkook, and Jimin’s solo albums and stated that they would be releasing them next year. However, no specific dates are announced for the same. J-Hope’s ‘Jack in the Box’ was already released earlier, followed by Jin’s collaborative single ‘The Astronaut.’ The group’s leader, RM’s album is also expected to be out by the end of 2022.

Military enlistment

Despite multiple announcements and rumors, the military enlistment schedule for the rest of the members of the BTS is yet to be confirmed. There is also a discussion regarding Jungkook’s military service plan because he is five years younger than Jin. Talking about the same, Jin-Won earlier told a Korean portal, “We will discuss with the artiste and make a decision, proceed according to various implementation plans.”

He revealed that HYBE hopes to resume group activities by 2025.

The hints

The BTS members have often shared hints about their upcoming solos in multiple instances. For example, a while ago, a fan had asked V about the status of his solo album, and he had answered, “I changed all of them and now [I have to] prepare it again. So my day and night has switched.” On the other hand, photos of Jimin in the studio with The Arcades have sparked much interest. As of now, all eyes are on the Bangtan Boys’ leader RM, as he will be reportedly collaborating with Pharrell Williams.

The new collaboration

For the unversed, BTS leader RM and the Happy singer recently met and discussed their year-long careers. It is there that they confirmed that a song is in the making in which the BTS members have featured on Williams’ own record called Phriends. Though the duo did not reveal much about the upcoming venture, the singer did reveal that the song is from his upcoming album and that it made him feel super grateful.

While up until the moment of their conversation, the two renowned singers seemed to be talking about only one collaboration song between them. However, things changed soon after as Pharrell Williams revealed interest in having the opportunity to work on one of RM’s solo works for the latter’s own official debut. The BTS leader was more than happy to oblige while recalling his need for the American singer’s presence for the last 15 years.