BTS’ V takes on dance challenge with NewJeans members post Layover release

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On September 16, 2023, BIGHIT MUSIC unveiled the dance challenge for “Slow Dancing,” featuring NewJeans, and it’s winning hearts among fans. In this delightful collaboration, BTS’ V teamed up with the members of OMG singers to create a charming dance challenge video. This isn’t the first time Kim Taehyung has taken on dance challenges, but this one stood out as he started it with his close friend and talented singer, Park Hyo Shin. Fans were pleasantly surprised by their fantastic chemistry and synchronized moves, making it an absolute joy to watch.


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The Groovy Flute Section

The dance challenge primarily focused on the instrumental part of “Slow Dancing,” where V and NewJeans showcased their adorable expressions and fluid dance moves. The soothing yet groovy tune of the flute section allowed them to add a touch of their own creativity to the performance. The video quickly gained immense popularity, with over 12 million views on Instagram.

V’s Remarkable Achievements with “Layover”

The BTS member’s solo album, “Layover,” has been making waves in the music industry. It secured the top spot on Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Ranking and dominated the Daily Digital Single Ranking with its title track, “Slow Dancing.” Notably, the album’s b-sides, “Blue,” “For Us,” and “Slow Moving (Piano Ver.),” also achieved impressive rankings on the Daily Digital Single Ranking. “Layover” has crossed the remarkable milestone of 2 million album sales on the Hanteo Chart, making V the first K-pop soloist to achieve this feat.

The Solo Album’s Success

V’s “Layover” album is a captivating fusion of various genres, including pop, R&B, and jazz. It carries a message of reflection on the past and contemplation about the future, emphasizing the importance of taking a moment to pause and introspect. Min Hee Jin, CEO and producer of ADOR, played a pivotal role in the album’s creation, contributing to its music, choreography, and unique promotional strategies. The collaboration with NewJeans further enhanced the album’s distinct appeal, showcasing V’s originality and creative prowess.