BTS’ V to BLACKPINK’s Jennie: Know the Top Fashion Influencers of 2023

Is BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating?
Credits: Instagram

Lefty, a prominent influencer marketing platform, recently unveiled its “2023: A Year in Data” report, spotlighting the most influential fashion icons of the year. Topping the list was none other than BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, solidifying their positions as trendsetters in the global fashion landscape.

Jennie’s Distinctive Style

BLACKPINK’s Jennie claimed the second position in the overall fashion influencers ranking, showcasing her impactful presence with a notable Estimated Media Value (EMV) of 315. As a global brand ambassador for Calvin Klein, Jennie’s bold and diverse fashion choices have consistently captured the industry’s attention. Her status as the South Korean IT Girl remains unchallenged, reflecting her influence on fashion trends.

V Emerges as the #1 Male Fashion Influencer

BTS’ V not only secured the third overall spot but also clinched the title of the #1 male fashion influencer of 2023. Despite a relatively smaller follower count, V’s impressive engagement rate of 20.6% highlighted his deep connection with his audience. As a brand ambassador for luxury fashion brands like CELINE and Cartier, V’s unconventional approach and limited Instagram posts didn’t hinder his profound influence on the fashion scene.

Versatility and Impact of V

V’s versatility shone through as he graced the covers of four prestigious fashion magazines, showcasing his modeling prowess and adaptability to various styles. His innate style and enduring influence stood out, proving that impactful presence transcends conventional industry norms. V’s ability to make waves without conforming to traditional fashion event norms speaks volumes about his unique approach.

The Groups Who Dominate

The influence of BLACKPINK members extended beyond Jennie, with Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa securing positions at 4, 5, and 7, respectively. The quartet, often credited for revolutionizing “fashion deals” in K-pop, represents global luxury brands such as YSL, Tiffany & Co., Dior, Cartier, CELINE, and Bulgari. BLACKPINK’s collective impact on fashion remains formidable, making them synonymous with style in the industry.

The report acknowledged talents from the HYBE label, with ENHYPEN and NewJeans claiming positions 12 and 14. ENHYPEN’s association with Prada and NewJeans’ representation under the HYBE label showcases the diverse range of influencers emerging from the K-pop and entertainment industry.