BTS’ V’s Tokyo journey leaves fans Mesmerized

Credits: BigHit/Twitter

In a recent vlog titled “V-log in Tokyo,” BTS’ V takes fans on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant city of Tokyo. This captivating six-minute video captures various aspects of his trip, making it an exciting experience for ARMY. Let’s dive into the highlights of V’s Tokyo adventure.

The vlog kicks off with V preparing for his performance. Fans get a glimpse of him getting his hair and makeup done before heading to a serene location for a photoshoot. V effortlessly showcases his model aesthetics, captivating fans with his charm.

[V VLOG] V-log in Tokyo

V’s Ramen Revelation

One interesting revelation in the video is V’s unique approach to enjoying ramen. Despite having a low spice tolerance, he’s not afraid to experiment with flavors. He adds a special sauce to his ramen, transforming the taste. V even humorously mentions his lightning-fast eating skills, claiming that he sometimes forgets to breathe. It’s a talent that even Jungkook can’t compete with.

Taetae TV Unveiled

While heading back, V introduces “Taetae TV,” his personal video diary. Setting up the camera proves to be a challenge, but he manages to capture stunning images of his surroundings. Fans get a glimpse into his creative perspective as he shares the beauty he encounters.

Fun Activities in Tokyo

V explores some fun and unique locations in the city. First, he visits a vibrant musical setting filled with colorful giant balls that create music and change colors when touched gently. Then, he explores a stunning floral location where hanging flowers respond to human presence, rising as soon as they detect someone beneath them. Finally, he immerses himself in a glitzy location filled with shimmering attractions that seem to engulf him.

Countdown TV Interview

V’s adventure continues with an interview on Countdown TV. Decked in an all-white outfit, he initially expresses some nervousness about his Japanese proficiency. However, he quickly relaxes when the interviewer compliments his language skills. It’s a heartwarming moment that shows V’s humility and charm.

The vlog concludes with V’s visit to Tokyo Tower, where he was scheduled to perform. Captivated by the live band performance, V becomes engrossed in the music and decides to end the vlog at that moment, leaving fans with a sense of excitement and anticipation.