BTS’ V treats fans with new photos from his military life

V of BTS
Credit: thv/ Instagram Stories

Kim Taehyung, or V of BTS as his fans know him has shared several snippets of his life as a military soldier on active duty through his Instagram stories.

After a month-long hiatus, the BTS member took to his Instagram stories on Sunday, May 19, to post a few endearing pictures on his journey so far in the military. Under South Korean law, most able-bodied men must perform 18-21 months of military service, and even BTS band members are not exempted from this jurisprudence.

In the first snapshot, V donned the state military combat uniform and paired it with a beret as he posed beside his military peers who were also in uniform. Despite embodying the standard combat attire, loyal fans were immediately drawn to his sturdy countenance and were mesmerized by his appeal.

His second snapshot was with his adorable canine companion Yeontan, the world-renowned Pomerian who has garnered the title of the 8th BTS member from global fans. His new uploads tailed behind his earlier appearance in the official black counter-terrorism uniform of the Special Duty Team (SDT), where he looked like a true soldier ready to fight for his country.

BTS fans were parched from the lack of updates coming from V over the past few weeks, but after these snaps were released, they had a lot to say. They were especially drawn to how flawless he looked even though he was fulfilling his military demands that can make one look disheveled.

One X user commented regarding the pictures, “Stunning,” whereas another commented, “He’s really going to come home looking hotter then every isn’t he?” A third user wrote, “Photos like this make me realize I’d rather die than take a pic with someone as pretty as taehyung,” while a fourth added, “How does a man look this fine all the time.”

Before his military-induced hiatus, fans were used to V sharing regular updates on his life, and right before he departed for his duties, he released a new song along with a music video titled, FRI(END)S, and shared several concept photos and videos of himself along with some snaps of him in his military attire. After these photos, V took a long break from social media, majorly due to his military duties and updated fans yesterday, on 19th May with his Instagram stories.

Credit: thv/ Instagram

On December 11, 2023, V along with his other BTS band members Jimin, Jungkook, and RM listed themselves in the military. Unlike the other two, RM and V shared regular updates on their military lives, and were both promoted as best cadet leading to their graduation from service. Fans as well as his peers hold V in high regard due to his loving nature and compassion towards everyone around him, even though he is a world-class global phenomenon. Fans await more exciting updates from V and the rest of the BTS crew.