BTS’ V turns cheerleader for J-Hope as he makes a surprise appearance in MORE’s music video

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ J-Hope has finally released the first single of his upcoming album titled Jack in the Box on July 1, 2022. Yes, we are talking about MORE here that has already become a sensation on the internet. The old-school style hip-hop number was well received by the army around the world who also welcomed a totally new version of J-Hope in the same. The song’s official music video was also released at the same time in which J-Hope aka Hobi’s new style was exposed to the entire world.

V’s surprise appearance

Recently, the behind-the-scenes instances for the single’s filming were also revealed to the fans and yes, many of their guesses came true after having a look at the same. The fans got to see a determined and willful version of J-Hope who worked hard for his solo album. The fans further got excited after having witnessed the appearance of BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung. The video was quirky enough in which V is seen revealing that he has got some waffles to share thereby earning a big smile from fellow member J-Hope. Moreover, Tae Bear also asked permission to be a part of the music video’s mannequin challenge. After J-Hope confirmed the same, V joined barefaced as a guest in MORE’s official MV.

Check out the video below for more details.

[EPISODE] j-hope ‘MORE’ MV Shoot Sketch - BTS (방탄소년단)

MORE marks V’s second guest appearance as he was previously also featured in Daydream’s music video that was a part of J-Hope’s mixtape titled Hope World.

Army’s earlier guesses

The army was quick enough to spot V’s appearance in MORE right after the official video for the track was released a few days ago. Most of them came across a person in the MORE video who, according to them, is none other than BTS’ V himself. We can see the camera panning in a scene where J-Hope enters a hospital kind of room and witnesses his alternate version getting scanned.

Just before that scene, the camera shows a group of people in the room, and among them is a staff boy who, the army thinks, is Kim Taehyung! He is seen wearing a uniform and slippers while leaning on a desk. We can’t help but notice his fluffy hair too! So, the Army believed that it was, in fact, V himself in the video. Well, we guess that their earlier guesses came true after the revelation of the BTS scenes of MORE. However, neither V nor J-Hope has confirmed the same to date!

Check out the official music video below.

j-hope 'MORE' Official MV