BTS’ V unveils groovy Afrobeat remix of “Slow Dancing” with FRNK and Cautious Clay

Credit: Instagram

On October 23, BTS’ V surprised fans by releasing an exciting new version of one of his Layover album tracks, “Slow Dancing.” Collaborating with the innovative R&B artists FRNK and Cautious Clay, V introduced a Brazilian-style remix of the song that took the music world by storm.

Within just half an hour of its release, the remix video had already amassed over 190,000 views on YouTube, highlighting the incredible anticipation and excitement surrounding V’s latest musical endeavor.

An Energetic Afrobeat Delight

The “Slow Dancing” remix offers listeners an afrobeat-infused delight, showcasing V’s versatility as an artist. Collaborating with FRNK and Cautious Clay, V added energetic and colorful Afro-inspired rhythms to the track, creating a whole new dimension to the song’s vibe. This musical fusion brings together the unique styles and talents of these artists, resulting in an instrumental rendition that is bound to get everyone grooving.

Two Unique Remixes

V’s remix of “Slow Dancing” comes in two distinct versions, each offering a fresh take on the original song. The first version, with FRNK, adds lush and atmospheric elements, which is characteristic of FRNK’s signature style. The video accompanying this version features an aesthetic blend of blurry and backstage clips, coupled with captivating close-up shots of V. The visuals complement the rhythm and energy of the track, making it an even more immersive experience for fans. The second version, featuring Cautious Clay, promises an entirely instrumental rendition, incorporating classic instruments such as drums and flutes, and is eagerly anticipated by fans.

V 'Slow Dancing (FRNK Remix)' Official MV

V’s Recent Solo Activities

BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has been actively engaged in promoting his solo debut album, “Layover,” which was released on September 8, 2o23,  this year. Recently, he held a solo fan signing event in Seoul, where he was joined by his fellow BTS member Jimin. During the event, the duo hinted at the possibility of enlisting in the mandatory military service together, adding to the excitement of fans.

V has also achieved significant success on the UK Official Chart with “Layover,” solidifying his position as a prominent K-pop soloist. His lead track, “Slow Dancing,” made a strong debut on the album’s Sales Chart and the UK Official Single Downloads Chart, further establishing his musical prowess and global appeal.