BTS’ V’s pre-release track Love Me Again’s official MV wins hearts

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BIGHIT MUSIC recently released the official MV for Love Me Again on August 9, 2023. Now, everyone seems to be talking about this very new look! There is no denying that BTS member V’s simple R&B style won our hearts instantly. The brilliant song talks about how Tae Bear wishes to be loved again. It seems like the Army is sure to fall in love with his deep voice again in this fresh track. Moreover, we can’t stop but talk about V’s fashion statement in the music video that brings out this beautiful form. 

V’s Layover

On August 8, 2023, BIGHIT MUSIC officially announced that BTS member V’s solo compilation, titled ‘Layover’, is set to release on September 8, 2023, at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST). ‘Layover’ encompasses a total of six tracks, including ‘Rainy Days’, ‘Blue’, ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Slow Dancing’, and ‘For Us’, along with a bonus track. Notably, music videos for five of the tracks will be unveiled, showcasing V’s multifaceted talents. Demonstrating his exceptional skills, V took on the roles of director, actor, and cinematographer for the music video of his self-composed track ‘Winter Bear’, highlighting his dedicated efforts in the project. 

V 'Love Me Again' Official MV

Taehyung’s Words for Everyone

V’s commitment and enthusiasm towards crafting his independent album have been evident, as he mentioned in a vlog from June 2022 where he shared, “There are so many things I want to do. I’ve planned everything out, and even though I initially aimed for 8 music videos, I narrowed it down.” BIGHIT Music recommends experiencing V’s solo album as a seamless stream from track 1 to 5, as V himself aspires to organically connect each track, a prospect that has fans eagerly anticipating the album’s release. The collection seamlessly blends heartfelt soul elements with a laid-back ambiance, introduces a pop R&B genre that exudes a fresh vibe, and showcases an R&B style that harmonizes with V’s distinct deep-toned voice, capturing both his essence and emotions. As of now, BTS fans are quite excited about V’s solo debut album, which is sure to become a chartbuster in the coming times.