BTS’ V’s second teaser for ‘Blue’ out; WATCH it here


In an electrifying announcement on August 25, 2023, BIGHIT MUSIC dropped the second music video teaser for “Blue.” Much to the excitement of the fans, it showed a captivating B-side from V’s much-anticipated debut solo album, “Layover.” Dressed impeccably, V navigates a darkened tunnel while driving with an air of urgency. His expressions and gestures hint at a hidden purpose, evoking a desire to reach an undisclosed destination.

Amidst this aura of mystery, the teaser introduces us to the enchanting melody of “Blue,” where restrained beats blend seamlessly with Kim Taehyung’s soulful voice, promising an exhilarating musical experience. The official full music video is set to make its grand entrance on September 13, 2023, igniting anticipation and excitement within the BTS Army.

Teaser One: A Glimpse into Emotion

The first music video teaser, released earlier, cast a spell of intrigue as it depicted V hastening towards a door within an apartment building. The urgency in his actions, as he rang the bell and knocked repeatedly, left fans intrigued and curious. While the cause behind this urgency remains veiled, the teaser offers a taste of his song, creating an emotionally charged atmosphere as he lingers outside the door. The scene tantalizingly hints at a lovers’ quarrel or a fervent attempt to reconnect with a loved one. With the old-school R&B vibes infused with a modern touch, the teaser promises another gem from V that fans can cherish.

Check out the excellent teaser below:

V 'Blue' Official Teaser 2

An Album Packed with Surprises

As part of his solo journey, V has been delivering a diverse range of content. Beginning with the release of the music video for the pre-release track “Love Me Again” and the unveiling of “Rainy Days,” he has been building anticipation for his solo debut album. On August 28th at 1:00 PM KST (9:30 AM IST), he will gift fans with the official release of self-composed songs, including “Scenery,” “Winter Bear,” and “Snow Flower,” which were earlier shared as heartfelt gifts on SoundCloud. Building up the excitement further, the album’s concept photos will be unveiled on August 29th and September 6th, providing glimpses into V’s multifaceted world. Capturing moments of everyday life alongside his beloved dog Yeontan, these snapshots offer a personal touch that fans can cherish.

A Countdown to Musical Elevation

The crescendo of V’s solo debut journey culminates on September 8 at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST) with the release of his full album, “Layover.” As anticipation reaches its peak, fans can look forward to a mesmerizing collection of tracks that reflect V’s artistry, emotion, and creative evolution. With each teaser and announcement, V tantalizes his global fanbase with the promise of an unforgettable musical voyage that transcends genres and resonates deeply with hearts worldwide. As the countdown continues, the BTS fandom eagerly awaits the release of “Layover,” ready to immerse themselves in V’s musical odyssey.