BTS’ V’s solo album Layover enters global Spotify charts

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ V, known for his mesmerizing vocals and artistry, has taken the music world by storm with the release of his solo debut album, “Layover.” The album’s impact was nothing short of spectacular, securing top positions on global music charts and breaking records along the way. On the first day of its release, “Layover” left an indelible mark by debuting at #1 on Oricon’s daily album chart in Japan. The album achieved this remarkable feat with an astounding sale of 221,491 copies.

Dominating Oricon’s Daily Digital Singles Chart

Not stopping at just the album’s success, V’s title track, “Slow Dancing,” mirrored this triumph by also debuting at #1 on Oricon’s daily digital singles chart. This dual victory showcased V’s versatility as an artist and his ability to captivate audiences across different formats. Tae Bear’s B-side tracks, including “Blue,” “For Us,” and “Slow Dancing (piano ver.),” demonstrated their impact by entering Oricon’s daily digital singles chart at #4, #5, and #6, respectively. This comprehensive chart domination underscored the album’s holistic appeal.

Spotify’s Global Top Songs Chart

“Slow Dancing,” the title track of “Layover,” achieved a milestone by debuting at #11 on Spotify’s daily Global Top Songs chart. The track garnered an impressive 4,743,367 filtered streams on its first day, emphasizing V’s global reach and the fervor of his fanbase. The BTS member’s “Layover” continued to excel on Spotify, with all of its tracks entering the top 60 of Spotify’s Global Charts. Notably, “Love Me Again” claimed the #20 spot, followed by “Rainy Days” at #24, “Blue” at #45, “For Us” at #47, and “Slow Dancing (piano ver.)” at #54.

Chart-Topping Success

Prior to its release, “Layover” had already set the stage for its remarkable journey by topping the iTunes chart in various countries worldwide. This early achievement hinted at the album’s potential to make waves in the global music scene. Notably, “Layover” etched its name in history by setting a new record for the highest first-day sales for any solo album in the history of Hanteo. This milestone attested to V’s immense fanbase and the extraordinary anticipation for his solo work.

Love and Support for Layover

On the day of “Layover’s” release, Kim Taehyung received an outpouring of love and support not only from his dedicated fanbase but also from his fellow BTS members and his Wooga Squad companions. This heartwarming response exemplified the unity and camaraderie within the BTS and entertainment industry.