BTS’ V’s solo album “Layover” sets UK Official Chart record

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BTS’ V, who recently ventured into the world of solo music with his album “Layover,” continues to make history on the global music charts. This time, the enchanting singer-songwriter has secured a noteworthy position on the UK Official Chart, further solidifying his solo career as a remarkable success. “Layover,” released on September 8, 2023, comprises six tracks and has garnered immense love and praise from his dedicated fanbase.

“Layover” Makes History on UK Official Charts

“Layover” has established an enduring presence in the British music market, breaking records and charting for an exceptional duration. BTS’ V’s accomplishments in the UK signify a monumental achievement for the K-pop artist as he continues to captivate international audiences. Notably, “Layover” boasts the longest chart presence among all K-pop albums, solidifying V’s status as an influential soloist on the British music charts.

The Ultimate Success!

Upon its release, BTS V’s solo album “Layover” achieved remarkable success by debuting at number one in three significant categories on the UK Official Chart. The album topped the Single Downloads Chart, Single Sales Chart, and Album Downloads Chart, making him the first K-pop solo artist to accomplish such a feat. As the album marked its fifth week on the chart, it ascended to the ninth position on the UK Official Album Downloads Chart. Furthermore, the lead single from “Layover,” “Slow Dancing,” made strides by climbing the ranks on both the UK Official Single Downloads Chart and the Single Sales Chart.

This achievement propels BTS’ V to become the longest-charting K-pop soloist on the UK Official Chart, a remarkable milestone that highlights his growing international influence. Several tracks from “Layover,” including “Rainy Days,” “Love Me Again,” “Blue,” and “For Us,” exhibited impressive chart presence by charting for five weeks across various categories, including single downloads and sales charts. Moreover, “Layover” maintains a strong position on the UK iTunes Album Chart, consistently outperforming releases by renowned pop acts such as Drake, Ed Sheeran, and ABBA.

BTS’ V’s Recent Engagements

In addition to his exceptional chart performance, BTS’ V recently concluded his inaugural fan meeting, titled “Vicnic,” with resounding success. The fan meeting took place at an open-air amphitheater within Kyunghee University’s Global Campus in Suwon, South Korea. This event was graced by a surprise appearance from BTS’ Jimin, much to the delight of fans who cherish the heartwarming ‘vmin’ moments.

Furthermore, BTS’ V extended his birthday wishes to BTS’ Jimin with a unique and thoughtful gift, an elf-style edited photograph. His genuine camaraderie with fellow band members and dedication to his craft continues to endear him to fans worldwide. BTS’ V was also spotted supporting Jungkook at his Music Bank recording set, showcasing the unwavering bond within the group.

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