BTS’ V’s solo album “Layover” surpasses 500 million Spotify streams


BTS member V marked his solo debut in the K-pop music scene with the release of his album “Layover.” This highly-anticipated album, which had been teased for a while, finally dropped on September 8, and it beautifully showcases Kim Taehyung’s musical taste. “Layover” is a genre-blending masterpiece, fusing jazz, pop, and R&B elements into its six unique tracks.

Breaking Records with 500 Million Spotify Streams

Recently, “Layover” achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 500 million streams on Spotify. What’s even more impressive is that it accomplished this feat in just 33 days from its release. This remarkable achievement now positions BTS’ V as the fastest Korean soloist to reach this milestone on the popular streaming platform.

A Musical Journey Reflecting Personal Experiences

“Layover” is not just an album; it’s a personal journey for BTS’ V. Each track is infused with his unique experiences and preferences, with a significant portion dedicated to his beloved pet dog, Yeontan. The album consists of tracks such as “Slow Dancing,” “Rainy Days,” “Love Me Again,” “Blue,” “For Us,” and a piano version of “Slow Dancing.” To enhance the musical experience, each song comes with its own distinct music video that perfectly captures the mood and essence of the track. “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days” were thoughtfully pre-released before the album’s launch.

V’s Recent Activities and Adventures

After successfully wrapping up its promotional activities in South Korea and Japan, BTS’ V has been taking some well-deserved time to relax and enjoy life. Fans and the media alike have praised his charming personality during his appearances to promote “Layover.” He was recently seen hanging out with his close friends from the Wooga Squad at a popular brand’s pop-up store. Additionally, he embarked on a vacation with his friends, a delightful glimpse he shared on his Instagram.

A noteworthy adventure for V was his visit to an Indian restaurant in Jeju, joined by fellow BTS members Jimin and Jungkook, which quickly became a hot topic. To delight his fans even more, V will be hosting his first offline fan meeting on October 14. The event will take place at an amphitheater-style venue located at Kyunghee University’s Global Campus in Suwon, South Korea.