BTS V’s Solo Debut Anticipation: A Glimpse into Kim Taehyung’s dance skills

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Credits: Instagram

BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has been captivating fans with his recent social media updates. In a black and white clip shared on his Instagram story, V showcased his dancing skills alongside talented dancer Lee Do Geon, also known as Gof. This exciting glimpse into V’s dance session has left fans eagerly anticipating his solo debut, affectionately dubbed as ‘KTH1’. Let’s delve into the details of V’s dance session and his recent updates that have fans buzzing with excitement.

V’s Dance Session

V treated fans to a captivating dance session through a black and white video shared on his Instagram story. Joined by dancer Lee Do Geon, the clip showcased V grooving to the music with remarkable ease. The duo showcased their moves in what appeared to be a practice studio within HYBE’s magnificent building. With V’s hair concealed under a snapback and dressed in a loose-fitting outfit, he exuded an aura of readiness to learn and master new dance skills. His admiration for Lee Do Geon and aspiration to become a “dancing king” further fueled fans’ excitement for his solo endeavors.

V’s Recent Updates

Upon returning from a memorable trip to France, where he enjoyed a fashion schedule and attended prestigious events, V has been actively updating fans about his whereabouts and plans. From his adventures in the City of Love, including attending the Celine dinner event and Naomi Campbell’s birthday party, V shared glimpses of his exciting experiences on his Instagram. Additionally, he has engaged with fans, hinting at his growing inclination to release his long-awaited solo debut album. These updates have further fueled anticipation and speculation among fans about what V’s solo venture will entail.


BTS member V’s recent social media updates, particularly his dance session with dancer Lee Do Geon, have ignited a wave of excitement among fans. With V expressing his desire to become a “dancing king” and teasing the possibility of his solo debut, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his much-anticipated album, lovingly referred to as ‘KTH1’. As V continues to showcase his talents and share his journey with fans, the anticipation for his solo endeavors reaches new heights, promising an exciting chapter in his artistic career.