BTS’ V’s stalker case escalates to prosecution

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The concerning situation involving a woman in her twenties accused of stalking BTS member V has taken a serious turn as the case advances to prosecution. The police investigation, initiated on November 8, includes charges related to violating the Anti-Stalking Act and trespassing.

The accused reportedly waited outside V’s residence, followed him to the apartment parking lot, and confronted him in an elevator on October 26. During the encounter, she expressed her desire to marry V before swiftly departing. Security personnel on-site and personal information disclosed during her marriage declaration facilitated the identification of the accused. Notably, this woman has a reported history of stalking V.

BIGHIT MUSIC’s Firm Stance


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BIGHIT MUSIC, the agency representing V, strongly emphasized a zero-tolerance policy toward stalking crimes that infringe upon the artist’s privacy and safety. This incident raises concerns within the industry about the invasion of privacy despite measures taken to ensure safety and security.

V’s Reassurance to Fans

To reassure concerned fans, V took to the fan platform Weverse, stating, “I’m fine, and everything is okay. Don’t worry about it.” This incident underscores the continued challenges faced by artists like V and prompts a broader industry conversation about the intrusion of privacy by certain individuals.

BTS Members’ Struggles with Stalking

BTS members, including Jungkook, have previously expressed distress and apprehension regarding the intrusive behavior of ‘Sasaeng fans.’ In August, Jungkook urgently addressed the issue through a Weverse post, urging fans not to send food to his residence and expressing concern about the accessibility of his home address on platforms like YouTube. This highlights the alarming extent to which personal information about celebrities is readily available, posing risks to their private lives.