BTS’ V’s vlog after-effects: Korean restaurant runs out of food

BTS' V's vlog after-effects: Restaurant is flocked and runs out of food
Credits: Instagram

The worldwide impact of the BTS members is undeniable. Every action of the septet, whether big or small, is scrutinized vigilantly by the ARMY to know their idols in a better manner. Recently, on the ninth anniversary of the ARMY on July 9, 2022, this famous South Korean boy band decided to gift them with a series of vlogs, called the BTS Vlog series that will be streaming in the upcoming weekends. In the recent vlog featuring BTS’ V, aka Kim Taehyung, the extent of the BTS’ influence was experienced.

Keeping track of every vlog, the fans in the recent vlog of Kim Taehyung saw him driving the car near the Han River. Next, he was also seen visiting a park-like area around the Han River. Furthermore, giving a glimpse of his daily life, V visited the dentist and bought some corn from a local vendor. These daily activities were then followed by his visit to a restaurant for a meal.

Credits: Instagram

In the vlog, the fans could see him interacting with the staff in a heartwarming manner, and they also served him well. Interestingly, the fans saw how he pulled out his black card to make the payment for the meal.

Like every vlog of BTS, this one also instantly reigned in the hearts of the fans. And that too to such an extent that fans could not stop themselves from flocking the restaurant and all the other places that the Inner Child singer visited in the vlog. Ever since the release of the vlog (almost a week!), the restaurant is still flocked by the ARMY. No wonder why the BTS members are called ‘The Sold Out Kings’! His one-time visit has spiked the business of the restaurant to such an extent that it is now running out of food and essential ingredients to cook.

A fan on Twitter tweeted the experience, saying that they went there, but they had to leave soon as the restaurant did not have enough food.

Apart from his visit to the restaurant, V also drove to random places and shared his playlist along the way. His favorites are About Damn Time by Lizzo, Save Your Tears (Remix) by The Weeknd, Easy by Troye Sivan, and more.

Check out the full vlog (if you haven’t already) below:


Be that as it may, BTS’ V is not the only member to be of such an influence on the people. Jungkook, too, has sold out things like Kombucha, fabric cleaner, wine, and more. V is also considered to be one of the leading influencers on Instagram in the world.