BTS Yet to Come: Here’s what to expect from iconic Busan concert


The world is buzzing with excitement as the release of BTS’ “Yet to Come” concert documentary on OTT platforms draws near. BTS, the global sensation that needs no introduction, is set to offer fans an unfiltered look into their lives through this much-anticipated film. As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, Prime Video has unveiled the initial trailer, providing a nostalgic glimpse into one of BTS’ most iconic concerts in Busan.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The trailer for “Yet to Come” is an emotional journey for both BTS and their devoted ARMY. It takes us back to their unforgettable Busan concert, a moment frozen in time just before they embarked on their military service duties. The trailer captures the essence of the beloved band as they don purple sweatshirts, dancing in harmony to their greatest hits. From “Run BTS” to “Mic Drop,” “Fire” to “Dynamite,” “BUTTER” to the titular track “Yet to Come,” the trailer showcases the power of their music and the unity of the ARMY. It’s a powerful reminder of the extraordinary bond between BTS and their fans.

The ARMY’s Unwavering Support

Weverse, the fan platform by Hybe, played a significant role by streaming the Busan concert event live. With an impressive 49 million users on the platform, the demand was monumental. However, some fans encountered minor issues like freezing and buffering due to the overwhelming enthusiasm. This incident highlights the ARMY’s unwavering support and dedication, even when faced with technical hiccups.

From Busan to the World

It’s worth noting that earlier this year, in January, the concert film was briefly screened in theaters under the title “BTS Yet to Come in Cinemas.” However, its digital release on Prime Video is set to bring the iconic Busan concert to a global audience. Interestingly, the film’s theatrical distributor, Trafalgar Releasing, is not involved in its digital release, marking a unique approach to sharing this momentous event with fans worldwide.


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A Free Concert for the Ages

In October of the previous year, the seven members of BTS held a free concert in Busan, South Korea, in support of the city’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo. The original venue had to be changed, and they performed in front of approximately 50,000 fans at the Asiad Main Stadium. An additional 10,000 people enjoyed a live rebroadcast at Busan Port, while 2,000 more gathered in Haeundae, a popular tourist spot. This concert, too, forms an integral part of their remarkable journey.

Yet to Come: More Than a Documentary

“Yet to Come” isn’t just a documentary; it’s a celebration of BTS’ extraordinary journey, their unwavering passion for music, and their undeniable global impact. As fans eagerly await the film’s OTT release, this nostalgic trip to the Busan concert serves as a poignant reminder of BTS’ timeless presence in the music industry. With news of BTS’ reunion in 2025, the excitement continues to build, promising yet more golden moments for the ARMY.