California senator Dianne Feinstein dies at 90


A senator is crucial to America’s diversity and democracy. These representatives are elected by voters to represent them in a state of a federal structure. They work closely with the Government to provide suggestions that can help change and shape laws. Dianne Feinstein also known as Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein was a United States Senator from the California region in the year 1992. She held office until 2023 and breathed her last on September 29, 2023.

Born on June 22, 1933, in San Francisco, California she left the world in Washington DC. She had been from the Democratic Party and had also served as a mayor of San Francisco from 1978-1988. Dianne was of the centrist approach and broke gender stereotypes around women and their careers.

She wanted liberal laws for the state including the rights of women regarding abortion, reproduction, gun control, and environmental protection, and is also known for the neutral approach that helps her form laws with consent from Republicans.

There were people familiar with her situation who confirmed her death to the Associated Press on September 29, 2023, says the Hollywood Reporter.

In 1992, she received the title of the “Year of the Woman” and has also been known for editing various works like Role of Technology in Preventing the Entry of Terrorists into the US: Hearing Before the Committee on the Judiciary. The 90-year-old Senator had been elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969 and was the first core member to be a female president in 1978 post which she found Milk’s body. The Hollywood Reporter says, “Mayor George Moscone was gunned down alongside Supervisor Harvey Milk at City Hall by Dan White, a disgruntled former supervisor.”

After Moscone died she began her political career as the mayor of San Francisco and then moved on to be a senator. She has been “one of California’s first two female senators, the first woman to head the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the first woman to serve as the Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat,” confirms the Hollywood Reporter.

She was a great reporter and was known for her free fall yet thought approaches to conducting debates. She helped conduct in-depth investigations on the CIA interrogation techniques used under George W. Bush and published her 6300-page Torture Report with a 525-page executive summary with all the keywords.

She has also been described by the New York Times, “Feinstein sometimes frustrated liberals by adopting moderate or hawkish positions that put her at odds with the left wing of the Democratic Party, as well as with the more liberal Boxer, who retired from the Senate in 2017. Feinstein defended the Obama administration’s expansive collection of Americans’ phone and email records as necessary for protecting the country, for example, even as other Democratic senators voiced protests. “It’s called protecting America.”

Even though Feinstein did not gain enough attention for her work in the field of feminism, she gave some strong statements to support all genders. One of her best works was the CIA-Senate report on the exchange of confidential information that created sparks, but her fearless approach to that classified document won hearts.

She said, “It’s my very strong belief that one day this report should be declassified. This must be a lesson learned: that torture doesn’t work.” While the reason for her death is unknown, it is sad to watch a legend like her go.