Call the Midwife Season 12: Is it renewed or canceled?

Call the midwife season 12
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Is Call the Midwife Season 12 happening? Find out.

“Now and then in life, love catches you unawares, illuminating the dark corners of your mind and filling them with radiance. Once in a while, you are faced with beauty, and a joy that takes your soul, all unprepared, by assault,”  a very powerful dialogue indeed belongs to a show with a subject as powerful as the quote itself. It belongs to the era when midwives were given due importance, and the world was not mechanized and sabotaged by machines.

Jenifer Worth did justice to every ounce of the show and paid it off for 11 seasons. The 11th season came out in February 2022. Since then, the fans have been waiting to know if Call the Midwife Season 12 is happening or not.

So, here is everything we know so far about Call the Midwife Season 12.

Call the Midwife Season 12

Will there be a Season 12 of Call the Midwife?

We do know for sure that the show has been renewed for Season 12, when and after Season 11 received a great response. Call the Midwife Season 12 was announced using an Instagram post which is officially on their Instagram handles.

Here is the renewal post.


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Call the Midwife Season 12 Release Date

Call the Midwife Season 12 is going to return for a new season in 2023. We are assuming that based on the pattern of its previous releases, it should be there in the summer of 2023, but we do not have any updates on whether or not there is going to be a fixed release date for Call the Midwife Season 12, and we need to wait for official updates on it.

Call the Midwife Season 12 Expected Plot

Call the midwife season 12

The overall plot always remained the same. 

It speaks about the 1950s era in Britain, where no importance was given to the midwives. It was because this period was mainly known for the increasing population due to famine deaths and women dying, especially due to poor healthcare. This is also a period when many children were born out of wedlock in this new emerging Britain. Now because of this, they were not given the care and nutrition, and they were just thrown into orphanages where they were ill-treated.

But midwives had to perform that task without discriminating at all by providing healthcare to everyone. Season 11 ends with them being free of this responsibility of being midwives, and they finally get to live as humans who are not mistreated, and the fresh Season 12 is again going to take a look at how the liberated nuns who are finally free of this shackles of Poplar are now going to progress things for themselves and go beyond everything proving themselves to be examples of perfect midwives.

But we also need to see if, in the process, they realize that they’re created to be this way and go back to doing their work, or in their head, they become helpless. We also need to see if they’re blackmailed or if they are being supported through the entire process. The show is an underdog voice of feminism and women’s rights amidst a rudimentary patriarchal society, which makes it a must-watch.

Call the Midwife Season 12

Call the Midwife Season 12 Expected Cast

Directed by Thomas Heidi, we are expecting the core cast to be the same as Season 11, as we do not have updates about the cast yet. As of now, they are as follows.

  • Helen George as Nurse Trixie
  • Laura as Shelagh Turner
  • Linda Bassett plays Nurse Phyllis
  • Leonie Elliott plays Nurse Lucille
  • Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne
  • Judy Parfitt plays Sister Monica
  • Stephen McGann plays Dr. Patrick Turner

Call the Midwife Recap

Call the midwife season 12

This particular show is set in Britain, where there was the importance and relevance of having midwives. Now in case a person wants to know why midwives are there, it’s like assisting senior nurses, but they are particularly helping the mother and having a safe delivery of the child and then taking care of the child even after the delivery or while the mother is recovering.
A doctor’s task is limited to delivering the child and giving it to the midwives. They are the ones who take care of the child or feed it or clean it, or even cut out the umbilical cord, and they are the ones who will connect you to your child, and that is why they are loved, known, and very important.

A group of these nuns who work for the poor in Poplar, helping deliver multiple babies, are being ill-treated because of the profession they are into. They have to deal with all kinds of people and meet various doctors every single day and deliver kids from all social statuses, class statuses, poor people, or even babies born out of the wedlock. They did it as a noble service. But does that demean them? Does that mean that they do not deserve love for what they’re doing? Or does that mean that they do not demand respect?

Call the Midwife Season 12

Does that also mean that they are not allowed to live life on their own terms? No, you don’t believe so, do you? But that’s the reason these groups of women take the subject of women empowerment seriously and go in that direction, and Call the Midwife Season 12 might follow the journey of attaining independence.

There’s a lot of drama in terms of the 1950s era as it’s a period drama series. And we’re going to have Season 12, which is going to make sure that once liberated, it is going to show us what these women are going to do with the independence they fought for, which will be observed once they leave Poplar. Independence is power and empowerment, a weapon, and these women will be proof of that.

Call the Midwife Season 12

How many episodes will be there in Call the Midwife Season 12?

Call the Midwife Season 12 is expected to have 8 episodes. There are going to be longer episodes in the upcoming seasons with eight episodes, which are going to be 1 hour long.

Where to watch Call the Midwife? 

The show is officially a BBC network show, so it is available there. The show is available to binge-watch on the PBS network with a premium subscription.