Call the Midwife Season 13 is not coming in July 2023

Call the Midwife Season 13 is not coming in July 2023
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Are you ready to be transported back in time? If yes, then continue reading to find out more about Call the Midwife Season 13. 

Beloved readers! The time has finally arrived for the remarkable nuns and dedicated midwives to deliver another story of exceptional care amidst the trials and triumphs of post-war East London. This enthralling series is all set to tug at your heartstrings and remind you of the extraordinary power of love, community, and the invincible human spirit, which it has been able to do for years and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon!

Ever since the series was officially renewed, many queries like, “When will fans be able to watch the new season?” have started popping up all over social media. So, if you are curious to know it all, then don’t worry because you have reached the right place to learn all about this next chapter, which includes a brief summary of everything you need to know, including the potential release date, plotline, cast, and other details about Call the Midwife Season 13.

Call the Midwife Season 13 is not coming in July 2023

Call the Midwife Season 13 Release Date: When will it premiere?

After being renewed by the BBC for at least fifteen seasons earlier this year, we are pleased to inform the viewers that this beloved period drama series will be on the air until 2026! This is an exciting update for the fandom, who have already started to wonder what the current status of the 13th season is, which is in line to make its official debut on the network after the 12th season, which ended on February 26, 2023, by drawing at least 6.96 million average US viewers.

If you are also speculating about the potential release date of the new season, then we can assure you that you don’t have to worry about anything! As the filming is still underway, it will take its due time to completely conclude the shoot and post-production before it can even debut the new episodes. Hence, one thing is pretty much clear: there is no way that the much anticipated 13th season of Call the Midwife will be making its comeback in July 2023, let alone the rest of the year!

According to reports, the series might be setting the release window to be sometime around early 2024, with January being the likely time frame as the prior season also had a similar time gap with the same time slot of 8 p.m. ET on BBC One. As the filming is still ongoing, we are certain to report that the 13th season will comprise eight one-hour episodes as well as a Christmas special airing this December, which was also announced on the show’s Instagram handle below:

Call the Midwife Season 13 Plot: What can the fans expect from the new season?

The popular series is based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth, which tells colorful stories of midwifery and families in London’s East End. Inspired by the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife follows the nurses, midwives, and nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care. Moreover, the upcoming 13th season is set in the year 1969! 

The fans can expect to see stories from within the Sylheti and Nigerian communities and from around the docks as the show will cover issues surrounding topics such as Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Hip Dysplasia, Tetanus, Porphyria, and TB. Additionally, though not much has been disclosed, the series is also expected to continue from where it left off last time as the viewers got to see the ending. In the final episode of the 12th season, Trixie’s wedding is close at hand, and her friends save the day when she learns that Matthew’s mother has sold the family tiara she planned to wear. 

As sister Julienne is surprised to learn that Nancy has applied for another job, partly out of concern that Nonnatus House will close. Phyllis is upset when Nancy is offered the new job but delighted to learn that Matthew has bought Nonnatus House and that the future of the convent is safe. On the way to the wedding, Dr. Turner and Shelagh witness one of their patients being killed in a car crash but are able to deliver her baby alive. Sister Monica Joan rallies to attend the wedding.

Call the Midwife Season 13 is not coming in July 2023

On the other hand, show writer and creator Heidi Thomas teased, quote, “The stories we tell are like babies — they never stop coming, we love them all, and we vow to do our best by every single one.” That’s not all, as right now, we know that Trixie and Matthew are married, so it remains to be seen what’s next for them. Their future journey together has been hinted at, as Helen George told

“I think they should get a dog.” Further adding, “I really think we need a dog as a lead character in the show, and we had a lovely one with Judy [Parfitt]. I think some sort of Labrador puppy coming into the show would be a really lovely arrival because we have a lot of babies on the show. I’m not sure we need another one. But that’s for Heidi and everybody else to decide.”

In addition to this, Olly Rix also added: “They’re pretty focused on the world outside of their home. And thus far, we’ve pretty much seen them in that context, we haven’t really seen them in their home. So it might be that the story doesn’t go there. It might be that they continue to look outwards and towards the community, and they raise Jonty and have a dog and get more involved in Popular.”

Call the Midwife Season 13 is not coming in July 2023

Call the Midwife Season 13 Cast: Who will reprise their roles?

The Midwives from the last season who are expected to return include Helen George as Beatrix Franklin, Linda Bassett as Phyllis Crane, and Megan Cusack as Nancy Corrigan. The nuns who will return are Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne, Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan, and Rebecca Gethings as Sister Veronica. Call the Midwife was created and written by Heidi Thomas. Executive Producers: Pippa Harris and Heidi Thomas. A Neal Street production for the BBC.

While this is some exciting updates, there are some cast members who are reportedly not returning, which includes Lucille Robinson (Leonie Elliott), who won’t return after it was revealed at the conclusion of season 12 that the character will be residing in Jamaica with her mother and sister. As in episode two of the last season, Lucille departed Poplar due to mental health issues. However, Sister Hilda (Fenella Woolgar), and Sister Frances (Ella Bruccoleri) also won’t be making an appearance.

If you recall, The Call the Midwife 2022 Christmas Special left both characters out, and it is assumed that they will not be making a comeback. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for these beloved characters and how their arcs will be addressed in the upcoming episodes, or whether they will be left out for the audience to speculate on or not be mentioned at all, which will be kind of disappointing. The fans will certainly miss them and start raising questions about their absence.

Despite all the uncertainty about some characters’ official return to the show, we also have some great casting updates as the 13th season will now feature two new student midwives and roommates, Joyce Highland and Rosalind Clifford. Renee Bailey will play Joyce Highland, a Trinidadian pupil midwife described as “hardworking, fiercely bright, and deeply kind.” But as is often the case with any new arrival at Nonnatus House, Joyce is hiding a secret traumatic past of her own.

Whereas Natalie Quarry will star as fellow pupil Rosalind Clifford in Call the Midwife. Rosalind is described as “naive at times but with an inner steeliness.” Her demeanor could very well come in handy as season 13 will pick up in 1969 when the midwives have to face maternity bed pressures, deadly diseases, and further personal turmoil. As while speaking to Radio Times magazine, the series creator and writer Heidi Thomas said: 

“Newcomers Joyce and Rosalind arrive with much to learn. As 1969 unfolds, we’ll see change and challenge rock the world of our beloved nuns, nurses, medics, and midwives.” Also adding, “Even as the man prepares to walk on the Moon, we see them grappling with life’s eternal questions. Who are we? What is love? And where do we belong?” “They’re a wonderful addition to the show,” adds executive producer Dame Pippa Harris. “I can’t wait for the audience to meet Joyce and Rosalind and to follow their journeys, by bicycle, through the streets and lives of Poplar’s residents.”

Call the Midwife Season 13 Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes will be there in Call the Midwife Season 13?

As mentioned above, the 13th series will comprise eight episodes that will premiere next year, along with a Christmas special that will air sometime later this year. We anticipate that the new episodes will have a similar average runtime of approx 60 to 90 minutes. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that the official episode titles and synopsis have not been released in order to avoid early spoilers!

Where to watch Call the Midwife?

Apart from BBC One and BBC iPlayer, you can watch Call the Midwife on Netflix. You can also stream the show by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. The series is also available for free on Pluto, your local PBS television station, or with the PBS app, with a variety of membership plans that the viewers can choose from as per their preference.

Where can international viewers stream the show?

BBC Worldwide has sold the program to SVT (Sweden); NRK (Norway); RÚV (Iceland); Yle (Finland); AXN White (Spain; Portugal); ERT (Greece); ABC in Australia and TVNZ 1 in New Zealand. That’s not all! They have also sold the global Video on Demand rights of the program to Netflix, while all episodes are also on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Has the series been renewed for more seasons?

Yes! Earlier this year, in February 2023, the BBC announced that the network has commissioned two more series of nine episodes (including Christmas Specials) where the story is moving into 1971, and it will be expanded further by keeping the show on air until 2026, which is quite exciting!

Is there any teaser or trailer?

As the filming of the new episodes is still ongoing, there is no way that the network can release a new teaser trailer. So, right now nothing related to the promotional stuff has been released, which is completely understandable. For the time being, we urge the readers to check out the official trailer of Call the Midwife Season 12 to recap the events that have transpired so far. 

The series has been able to get an intimate insight into the colorful world of midwifery in 1960s East London. Moreover, in the 12th season, it’s 1968, and the nuns and nurses from Nonnatus House return for more midwifery and family life. The midwives welcome a new nun, Sister Veronica, and tension in Poplar arises following the effects of Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech.

Call the Midwife - Series 12 | Trailer - BBC

Stay tuned to Web News Observer for more information on Call the Midwife Season 13 in the coming months. Until then, keep binge-watching the series to get an overall idea of the plot.