Call the Midwife Season 13: Expected release date and what we know so far

Call the Midwife Season 13: When is it likely to premiere?
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Will there be another season of this colorful world of midwifery in 1960s east London? Here is everything we know so far about
Call the Midwife Season 13. 

It hasn’t been a long time since the premiere of the finale episode of the 12th season on February 26, 2023, but it is fair to say that the fans have been curious to know if the show will be returning for another season or not. We’ll get straight to the point: Yes, the British period drama television series, which is based on the best-selling memoirs of former nurse Jennifer Worth, will definitely return for a 13th season! 

If you recall, back in February 2023, the BBC renewed the series through a fifteenth season, keeping the show on the air until at least 2026. This is a major relief for the fandom, and they won’t have to speculate for the coming years about whether there will be more seasons or not. This series renewal will remain on the BBC for at least another three years which is a rarity these days for the network to approve such a series. 

So, if you want to know everything relating to when the new season is going to be released, then you’ve come to the right place! To curb all your doubts, we’ve compiled a list of all the things you should look forward to for the time being while you recap the previous episodes of the beloved series. Continue reading to find out more about Call the Midwife Season 13. 

Call the Midwife Season 13: When is it likely to premiere?

Call the Midwife Season 13 Release Date and Time Slot

Though the exact release date of the upcoming season hasn’t been confirmed yet. It has been noted that the ratings for the Sunday night hit have continued to be strong throughout its lengthy run, and an eight-part 14th and 15th have now been commissioned along with Christmas specials. So, it is likely that the next season will follow in the same footsteps. 

The next season will premiere with a 2023 Christmas episode, followed by Call the Midwife Season 13 having a potential release date sometime around early 2024, with January being the likely release window as the prior season also had a similar time gap with the same time slot of 8 p.m. ET on BBC One. As the production of series 13 commences in the spring of 2023! 

Take a look at the official announcement below: 


Call the Midwife Season 13: What to expect?

The series, “Call the Midwife,” is based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth which tells colorful stories of midwifery and families in London’s East End. Inspired by the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife follows the nurses, midwives, and nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care.

The series will continue the plot where it left off last time as the viewers got to the ending where Trixie’s wedding is approaching and her friends come to her rescue when she discovers that Matthew’s mother has sold the family tiara she intended to wear. Nancy has applied for another job, partly out of concern that Nonnatus House will close, according to Sister Julienne. 

Phyllis is disappointed when Nancy is offered the new job but relieved to learn that Matthew has purchased Nonnatus House and that the convent’s future is secure. Dr. Turner and Shelagh witness the death of one of their patients in a car accident on their way to the wedding, but they are able to deliver her baby alive. Monica Joan rallies her sisters to attend the wedding.

The Midwives from the last season who are expected to return include Helen George as Beatrix Franklin, Linda Basset as Phyllis Crane, Leonie Elliot as Lucille Robinson, and Megan Cusack as Nancy Corrigan. The nuns who will return are Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne, Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan, and Rebecca Gethings as Sister Veronica. Call the Midwife was created and written by Heidi Thomas. Executive Producers: Pippa Harris and Heidi Thomas. A Neal Street production for BBC.

Call the Midwife Season 13: When is it likely to premiere?

Call the Midwife Season 13 Episodes and Streaming Options

Even though the exact number of episodes for Call the Midwife Season 13 has yet to be announced, we can anticipate a similar range of episodes with an average runtime of 60 to 90 minutes, just like the prior seasons. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that the episode count may vary depending on the theme that the show wishes to convey to the audience. As a result, we ask that viewers be patient and watch the previous season to remember what has happened thus far:

Episode 1: It is April 1968 and change is coming to Nonnatus House; the sisters intend to make a good impression on new recruit Sister Veronica.

Episode 2: Sister Julienne is concerned about a patient’s rash; a patient’s surprise pregnancy leads Dr. Turner to start a campaign encouraging men to use contraception.

Episode 3: Nancy harbors a secret as she helps a mother whose newborn suffers from a clotting disorder; Sister Veronica meets a newlywed and the case shocks the women of Nonnatus house.

Episode 4: Nurse Crane is shocked when her fitness comes into question; Trixie cares for a Hindu mother and her newborn twins; a gastroenteritis outbreak is declared at the maternity home.

Episode 5: Nancy oversees a child born out of wedlock, but things take an unexpected turn; Dr. Turner and Sister Veronica discuss a new contraception procedure – the vasectomy; the Board of Health delivers unwelcome news to Sister Julienne.

Episode 6: Sister Veronica spearheads a new initiative to monitor the health of working children in the borough; Trixie is thrown into a challenging case involving an underage mother.

Episode 7: Preparations for Trixie and Matthew’s wedding are underway; Nancy visits a homeless family.

Apart from BBC One and BBC iPlayer, you can watch Call the Midwife on Netflix. You can also stream the show by renting or purchasing it on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. The episodes are also available for free on Pluto, your local PBS television station, or with the PBS app. For the time being, check out the official trailer of “Call the Midwife” Season 12 to recap the events that have transpired so far and highlight a moving and intimate insight into the colorful world of midwifery in 1960s east London.

Call the Midwife - Series 12 | Trailer - BBC

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