Caroline Stanbury’s husband, Sergio Carrallo, gets emotional over her facelift surgery

Caroline Stanbury
Credit: Caroline Stanbury Instagram

Sergio Carrallo shed tears upon witnessing his wife come out of facelift surgery.

Page Six reported a heartwarming experience where Carrallo, 29, recorded himself as he entered the room of his wife, Caroline Stanbury (who stars in Real Housewives of Dubai) post-operation. The video shows him immediately welling up upon seeing her condition. In the reel that he posted on Instagram, he captioned this moment, saying he did not realize his phone was recording the moment.

As the video progresses, it shows a 47-year-old Stanbury looking mummified in bandages around her face after the operation, walking toward the car, and Carrallo’s non-stop tears as he escorts his wife. He says, “She came out,” adding, “I love her so much.” The video then shows Stanbury’s healing process, which included the drainage of fluids along with the removal of stitches and staples.

Near the end of the video, two weeks after surgery, Stanbury seemed almost healed and was seen appreciating the work of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Steve S. Kim in Los Angeles. She is seen claiming, “My skin looks amazing. I’m very happy,” adding, “It’s amazing how the body heals.”


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Husband Carrallo recalls the moment he saw her in bandages as “one of the hardest moments of my life.” The elaborate video had an elaborate caption to go with it. Here is how he wrote about the incident and his feelings after watching her like that. He wrote, “Seeing the person that you love with all your heart suffering and in pain how she was .. it was very hard. As a husband, I will always support her and be here for her and as much as I was against it, she really wanted to do it.”

He continued the post by saying that he was “very proud” of the “Ladies of London” alum — whom he wed in December 2021 — for how she handled the recovery process. He wrote, “Just seeing how happy you are with the result, it makes me very happy. You look absolutely beautiful @carolinestanbury,” he added before jesting, “The only problem, now … I am the oldest in the relationship!!”

The fandom in the comment section however, seemed repulsed by this video, with one stating, ‘He’s crying because his lady do a face surgery? And she’s in a pain ? Really ? 😂 I understand if it was a life saving surgery or something that helps her to live normal but this ? Come on … 😂’

Another user wrote, ‘I can’t with him pretending he didn’t know his phone was recording. Please 🙄’

A third commented, ‘Children are dying and you do this?’

A fourth wrote, ‘I thought she was in an accident the way you’re acting. She chose to do this to herself for vanity.’

Whether the said process will be documented in Season 2 of RHODubai or not is yet to be concluded. A tentative date for the release of Season 2 is yet to be announced, but Page Six reported that BravoCon 2023 attendees were treated to a screening of the first episode. The next season is expected to arrive in 2024.