CEO of luxury brand voices support for BLACKPINK’s Lisa amid backlash over Crazy Horse performance


Reports have emerged suggesting that BLACKPINK’s Lisa is facing potential setbacks in her artist journey, primarily concerning her Weibo account, a significant Chinese social media platform. Fans attempting to access her Weibo page encountered an unexpected message indicating that her account had been reported for violating the platform’s regulations. This development has led to various consequences for the K-pop star, including actions taken by luxury brands Celine and BVLGARI in response.

Celine and BVLGARI Remove Posts

In response to the reports of Lisa’s Weibo account issues, both Celine and BVLGARI, for which Lisa is a global ambassador, removed all posts related to the BLACKPINK member from their China-based social media accounts. This move raised concerns about Lisa’s standing with these luxury brands, as it appeared to be a significant distancing from the K-pop idol.

CEO JC Babin’s Instagram Response

CEO JC Babin, in an effort to address these speculations, took to his Instagram account to provide clarity. Through his Instagram stories, he shared multiple photos of Lisa participating in various events hosted by Celine and BVLGARI. This action was interpreted by some as a sign of support for Lisa amid the controversies surrounding her, while others questioned the sincerity of these gestures. There were also those who defended the CEO’s actions, arguing that he had to prioritize the best interests of the brand. Notably, JC Babin has a separate Instagram highlight section dedicated to Lisa, further indicating his connection with the BLACKPINK member.

The Chinese Ban and Controversy

The root of the recent controversy surrounding Lisa’s potential China ban is her participation in the Crazy Horse Paris performance. This high-profile event garnered significant attention and mixed reactions, especially in China, known for its strict regulations on content considered obscene or inappropriate. The controversy surrounding Lisa’s involvement in the event led to the removal of her Weibo account and a ban on any activity or brand associated with her in the Chinese market.

Despite the backlash, Lisa has received immense support from her dedicated fans, and CEO JC Babin’s actions on Instagram have conveyed a message of support from Celine and BVLGARI. The situation continues to evolve, leaving fans and observers curious about the future implications for the K-pop star and her brand partnerships.