Charlie Sheen calls his return to TV ‘surreal’

Charlie Sheen
Credit: Charlie Sheen Instagram

The legendary star, who was fired from Two And A Half Men and went through addiction, is sober and is returning to TV soon.

Charlie Sheen is returning to the acting world after laying low for the past 6 years following his addiction issues. According to reports gathered by People, he has thoroughly worked to get sober and has been involved in raising his 14-year-old twins, Max and Bob, and settling into what he calls a “predictable routine” far out from the spotlight.

Now that the cameras are calling out to him again, he will be making his comeback with an appearance playing himself in two episodes of Chuck Lorre’s new Max sports gambling dramedy Bookie, starring Sebastian Maniscalco. Reports confirm that Bookie has allowed Sheen to reunite with producer Lorre, who had fired him from the hit show Two And A Half Men for “erratic behavior,” after which Sheen called Lorre a “clown” and a “turd” during an interview.

In a confession to People, Sheen speaks about the recent turn of events, saying, “Look, for a while, there wasn’t much about my life to complain about,” adding, “I lived a life where people were really happy when I showed up, and they were sad when I left.”

But then, he says, his demons, or his “possession,” as he calls his struggles with drugs and alcohol, changed everything. “That went away when everything turned to s–t,” he reveals. “It turned into, ‘Oh, God. Here he comes,’ and then ‘Is he gone? Good.'”

He further revealed to the outlet that he was not expecting Lorre to call him back, so when he did, he jumped at the chance. He states, “Chuck reached out he said, ‘Hey, it’s time to bury the hatchet. It’s time for us to give each other a hug. And remember the great stuff that we did together,'” adding, “Because we made a lot of people happy for a long time, and we left some really solid work behind us.”

He further stated, “It’s one of those things that is so surreal that I keep hearing Al Michael’s famous hockey call: ‘Do you believe in miracles?!’ It’s a trip. When I won a Golden Globe for Spin City, the last place I expected to be was at that podium and I said, ‘This feels like a sober acid trip.’ And I think that quote rings true for what I’m going through with this experience.”

However, when it comes to newer roles, Sheen says he is ready, stating, “I’m absolutely ready,” adding, “For the longest time, I had the best work reputation. I was the first to arrive, last to leave, when in doubt I’d over prepare. I would just check every fricking box. And that went away. So I was really excited about being that guy again.”

However, he is sure not to put all his eggs in one basket, stating that he knows that the future of his career is not in his hands.

He reveals, “All I can control is my reaction to things, which in and of itself is a daily battle,” adding, “So I’m staying completely neutral. I’m not building any wild fantasies about what this is going to lead to. I’m just going to live inside of exactly what the moment is, what the experience is, and if it spurs or sparks another opportunity, that’s amazing.” He concludes by saying, “And if it doesn’t? Then maybe I’ll go out and create the next opportunity.”

You can catch brand-new episodes of Bookie Thursdays on Max.