Chef’s Table: Pizza: Everything you need to know

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A new American television series, Chef’s Table: Pizza, is coming up on Netflix super soon. Here’s another attempt to enrich the social and cultural environment of Netflix. It’s time to dig into the best pizzas from around the world, prepared by renowned chefs who bake passion, creativity, and hard work into every slice. With six pizza masters, the Emmy-nominated series is back with yet another delicious season. No doubt, pizza is not only a dish, it’s an art.

Chef’s Table: Pizza Release Date

Chef’s Table is Netflix’s-running culinary series that is returning after a two-year hiatus with a season dedicated to the art of pizza. Pizza is America’s beloved, always-in-style dish, getting featured in a new season of the Netflix culinary docuseries Chef’s Table. Featuring stories from a half-dozen different pizza-makers’ stories, the series is all set to premiere on Netflix on September 7. The makers will take you all over the country and a few places around the globe to bring you six different yet essential takes on the perfect pie.


Chef’s Table: Pizza Cast

From September 7, the series will start in Phoenix with Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco), who elevated the pizza game in the United States. In the series, he is referred to as the “Coltrane of pizza”. As he talks about his journey, he shares the incident when he almost had to give up his pie-making passion due to his asthma. Another face coming up is the third-generation pizzamaker Franco Pepe in Caiazzo, Italy (Pepe in Grani). This person is said to have ‘dough in his DNA’. Then, we have Sarah Minnick of Portland, Ore., (Lovely’s Fifty Fifty), an expert who garnishes her acclaimed creations with farmer’s market-supplied edible flowers and summer produce. Gabriel Bonci of Rome (Bonci Pizzarium), referred to as ‘Michelangelo of pizza’, has revolutionized Roman-style pies. Following this, we have Ann Kim of Minneapolis (Pizzeria Lola), known for her loud, bold and spicy creations, is an Ivy League-educated actress-turned-pizzamaker. Besides all of them, we have Yoshihiro Imai of Kyoto (Monk) recognized for his farm-fresh pies involving mackerel and shiitake mushrooms.

Chef’s Table Details

Launched in 2015, Netflix’s longest-running culinary series, Chef’s Table, is now in the news for its upcoming series about Pizza. The last season was Chef’s Table: BBQ, which was released in fall 2020. The upcoming season is all about pizza from Portland to Phoenix, Italy to Japan, and further rounding up the globe, digging into the best pizzas from around the world prepared by renowned chefs.

This American documentary series was created by David Gelb to take viewers inside both the lives and kitchens of a variety of acclaimed and successful international chefs. The main aim of the show was to place the spotlight on a single chef in a single episode and explore the unique lives, talents, and passions which influence their style of cooking. It all began in 2015 with Chef’s Table: Volume 1, followed by the 2nd volume in 2016. Then there was a spin-off Chef’s Table: France in 2016.


The next year, Netflix aired Chef’s Table: Volume 3 further, and they released another volume, Chef’s Table: Pastry, in 2018. The next two volumes came up in 2018 and 2019, respectively, with four episodes each. In 2020, the makers rolled out the second spin-off, Chef’s Table: BBQ, which was a huge hit on the platform. The fans are all set to welcome Chef’s Table: Pizza in September 2022.

Chef’s Table is said to be Netflix’s first original food series, or, say, cooking series. Since 2015, the franchise has dazzled audiences for years and helped Netflix find its footing in the world of food television. We hope Chef’s Table: Pizza to be another hit in the series as the fans are all ready to watch the stories and peep into the kitchens of some of the world’s greatest pizzamakers.

If you have not watched the trailer of Chef’s Table: Pizza yet, here you go:

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