Chicago Fire Season 11: Is it the last season?

Chicago Fire Season 11: Release date, cast, plot, and other updates
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Is Chicago Fire Season 11 the last season? Find out.

For so long, Chicago Fire has been a part of our lives. From heart-wrenching cases to heartwarming romantic scenes, this firefighting drama has given us a lot throughout the years, not to mention the riveting storylines. Currently, the production on Chicago Fire Season 11 is ongoing, but new seasons have not been renewed as of yet, which puts the fate of the season in question.

Chicago Fire: Season One | Trailer

Will Chicago Fire season 11 be the end?

In conversation with Deadline, Paul Telegdy, the Chairman of NBC Entertainment said, “Dick Wolf has proven time and time again that he makes shows audiences love, [and] we are delighted, excited and proud that as part of this epic deal with Wolf Entertainment, NBC’s loyal audience will know that their favourite shows have a certain future for the next three years.”

Chicago Fire Season 11 is considered to be the last of a multi-year extension which was announced on NBC in 2020. During the announcement, the show was running its ninth season. Similar deals were also granted to Chicago PD and Med since this multi-year extension is pretty normal for NBC and Wolf Entertainment.

Chicago Fire Season 11

However, the biggest factors on which the arrival of the new seasons of Chicago Fire depends are success, ratings and stats. The factors were in favour of the show during season 10, which is termed as “the highest-rated and most-watched title of all the Wednesday programming across the networks” surpassing Survivor and The Flash according to Netflix Life.

Termed as a ‘rating juggernaut’, Chicago Fire has been successful in keeping the One Chicago shows in the limelight. Plus, when it comes to other Wolf Production shows, all of them share an interesting history. For instance, Law and Order: SVU has surpassed the record for the longest-running show of all time. Not only that but Law and Order streamed for two decades before being revived recently.

Taking this data into consideration, we can presume that Chicago Fire will be in for a long haul this time. So, buckle up your seatbelts for this adventurous ride.

Who is the cast of Chicago Fire Season 11?

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For Chicago Fire Season 11, the official cast list will include:

• Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden
• Christian Stolte as Randall McHolland
• Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz
• Randy Flagler as Capp
• David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann
• Anthony Ferrari as Tony
• Daniel Kyri as Ritter
• Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami
• Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo

If you’re well-versed with the show, then you must probably be knowing that Jesse Spencer, who reprised the role of Captain Matthew Casey, left the show since his character made the decision to move to Oregon in order to raise his late best friend Andy Darden’s children.