Chicago Fire Season 12 is not coming in October 2023

Chicago Fire Season 12 is not coming in 2023
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Continuing the long course of 11 years, Chicago Fire was renewed for a 12th season, guaranteeing more drama from Chicago Firehouse 51. Belong to the coterie Dick Wolf Entertainment, Chicago Fire revolves around its Firehouse 51, which combats deadly emergencies throughout the city on a daily basis.

Initially premiered in 2012, Chicago Fire was an immediate favorite among viewers and was soon followed by a slew of spinoffs, including Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med, a few years later. Since it’s an integral part of Wolf’s shows, Chicago Fire, like other shows, weaves the personal lives of its characters with their professionals, which makes it even more riveting. 

Chicago Fire Season 12 is not coming in August 2023

Having such a turbulent season finale, with Severide and Kidd’s marriage crumbling slowly, Sylvie adopting a baby, and Casey proposing to Brett, the stage for Chicago Fire season 12 has already been set. Be that as it may, one of the major conundrums that viewers expect the upcoming installment to solve is the fate of Mouch. In the previous season, Mouch was shot while on duty. Will he survive the wound?

But we can only know that for sure when Chicago Fire season 12 premieres on NBC. When will that happen? We know for sure that it is not happening in October 2023.

Here’s what we know so far.

Chicago Fire Season 12 is not coming in October

Chicago Fire Season 12 is not coming to NBC in September 2023

Owing to the months-long WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Chicago Fire season 12, following the fate of other One Chicago block shows Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., was announced to be eliminated from NBC’s fall 2023 schedule, without any certain premiere window.

Fortunately, the WGA strike officially ended on September 27. In the wake of the same, everyone looked with anticipating eyes at the schedule, hoping to find their favorite One Chicago shows back on the schedule. However, expecting them to follow the predetermined fall schedule is wishing for the will o’ the wisp, because Deadline commented that Chicago Fire season 12 could arrive by March 2024.

Not only that, but the rest of the shows belonging to the One Chicago coterie are also expected to arrive within this stipulated timeframe. 

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However, we must now forget that the SAG-AFTRA strike is still ongoing, and the negotiations are underway. Even if the writers resume their work as soon as possible and their scripts are ready by the end of this year, the cameras won’t begin rolling unless the SAG-AFTR strike also announces its end. 

Hopefully, if the actors’ strike ends by 2023, we can expect the modified schedule to be followed and get to know whether Mouch survived the wound in March 2023. 

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