Chicago Woman sets record as oldest sky-diver at 104


Adrenaline-pumping extreme activities are enthralling even for youngsters, and one should experience the act of sky-diving at least once in their lifetime, provided they do not suffer from vertigo. However, deciding to embrace the heart-thumping activity even when you know you are nearing the end of your life, makes for a massive headline story.

Dorothy Hoffner topped the headlines on Sunday when she cracked her way into becoming the oldest parachutist at a whopping 104 years old! According to People, the whole thing was documented by the Chicago Tribune, leaving this historic moment naked to everyone’s gawking eyes. Tandem jumper Derek Banter aided the 104-year-old to complete her jump, amidst an onlooking crowd of supporters in Ottawa, Illinois. People reported that the photos snapped by the Chicago Tribune captured an appreciative bow taken by Hoffner after successfully landing with her parachute as she and Banter gleamed waving at the crowd cheering her on.

According to FOX 32 Chicago reports, Hoffner successfully attempted her first jump when she was 100 years old promising that it wouldn’t be her last. She marked her bull’s eye during her first jump to break the world record for the oldest skydiver, which was previously held by Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson from Sweden, according to Guinness World Records. She earned the title in May 2022 when she was 103. At the age of 104, Hoffner finally hit the bull’s eye.

Jake Sheridan (a reporter from the Chicago Tribune) shared heart-warming footage where Hoffner addressed the crowd after her monumental act. People report that when she was asked about how she felt when touched land to the ground, she replied, “Wonderful. But it was wonderful up there, too.” She continued, “The whole thing was delightful, wonderful,” said the world record breaker. “Couldn’t have been better if we thought of it ourselves.”

When enquired about her future plans and what enthralling journey she would embark upon after breaking the world record after a century of her life had gone by, she replied, “One never knows.” Thereafter according to People, she added that she would conduct another jump and maybe dip her toes in the exciting journey through a hot air balloon excursion, to which she added saying, “I have never been on one.” Looks like Hoffner is determined to tick off her bucket list right about the time other people give up on theirs. Now that is called a ‘kindred spirit.’

She famously busted the old saying, “Age is just a number,” and she proved it! According to People, she then expressed gratitude to her enthusiastic onlookers saying.”Thank you for being here. I think that’s very wonderful of you,” she said, adding that being in front of a cheering crowd is “a little strange” because she is “not used to publicity.”

After a successful landing, according to People, Skydive Chicago is working closely with Guinness to etch Hoffner’s name on their book this year. We will all be pleased to see her on the page, proudly flying it out!