Chrishell Stause gets her benign spot removed by dermatologist: ‘It didn’t hurt’

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Credit: Netflix

Terrina Chrishell Stause, a known name in the American industry is an actress and a real estate agent. Quite a contrasting career choice. She is known for her roles in reality shows on Netflix like Selling Sunset and has always been an American Television Star.

Born in Kentucky, United States of America, she is 42 years old and a true Cancer born on July 21, 1981. This actress recently underwent a painless procedure to get her benign spot removed, and she claimed the process was harmless.

For those, who do not know what a benign spot is, it is a noncancerous and mostly harmless growth in various breakout regions of your skin which usually does not require treatment until and unless it bothers your physical appearance.

The Selling Sunset star reported that on September 27, 2023, she announced via her Instagram story that she had undergone a procedure with the help of a dermatologist to remove this noncancerous growth from her face. It was a spot on her face frozen off, the media outlet Selling Sunset further reports.

Chrishell Stause Shares Before and After Videos of Her Having Benign Spot Frozen Off: ‘Didn’t Hurt

She said, “Hi guys, I’m at the dermatologist right now. I had this little spot that’s been bugging me and it’s completely benign but they’re gonna freeze it off today.”

This was one of the first posts regarding the procedure and she posted it while sitting at the Dermatologist’s office.  She also announces her anxiety regarding, “So hopefully that doesn’t hurt, but yes for it being gone!” Many clinics explain this procedure including the Cleveland Clinic which explains what Cryotherapy is, it is a simple procedure where doctors use cold, freezing chemicals like Liquid Nitrogen oxide or Argon gas which is skin friendly and this extreme cold, kills the cells around the affected abnormal tissue thus ‘Freezing it off’.

People reported, “Stause then posted a second video on her Instagram Story after the procedure had taken place. Sat in her car, she revealed that the area where the spot had been was a little red but that the procedure “didn’t hurt at all” as she showed followers what her face looked like after the spot had been frozen off, moving the camera to show a small red circle on her face.”

She resumed working and was going about it smoothly and in an upcoming film shoot, she is slightly annoyed. “She’s getting a little angry,” Stause said of the mark after showing followers her attempts at applying make-up around the now-removed spot and red mark that was left in its place.

But flaunting this gracefully, the Youthful Daze star also used her hair to cover the mark. She said, “So I’m about to do something where I do a real deep side swoop.” The Young and Restless star then took to Zoom meetings as well and applied the same strategy to hide the spot.