Chynna Phillips calls her marriage with Billy Baldwin a ‘real struggle’, says they separated for 6 months

Chynna Phillips Billy Baldwin
Credits: Chynna Phillips/Instagram

Chynna Phillips admits to experiencing a ‘real struggle’ in her marriage with husband Billy Baldwin. “I’ve been with Billy for 32 years and we have an awesome marriage, but we definitely had the hardest couple years of our marriage these past couple of years. It has been a real struggle,” she said in a livestream posted on her YouTube channel on Saturday. 

Reflecting on her deep commitment to Jesus, she added, “I think it’s because I just took the deep dive into Jesus, and I think he didn’t quite know what to do with that because it was kind of all Jesus, all the time.”

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Chynna Phillips has previously filed for divorce from Billy Baldwin

Phillips, who tied the knot with Baldwin in 1995, revealed that she and Baldwin experienced a six-month separation, although the specific timeline was not detailed. Notably, Phillips had previously filed for divorce from Baldwin in March 2010 but withdrew the papers a few days later.

Reflecting on this challenging period, she shared, “When Billy and I separated for six months and he was out of the house, I was holding on to anger and resentment because I felt it made me justified. It made me feel like I was right, he was wrong, and it gave me this justification, this feeling of righteousness, this pride.”

Phillips acknowledged the internal struggle she faced concerning the “bitterness and anger” within their relationship.

Phillips and Baldwin have struggled to find common interests

Phillips shared insights into the challenges she and her husband faced in finding shared interests. She explained, “Sometimes he’s like, ‘You’re not into the things that I’m into. You’re not into politics, you’re not into wrestling, you’re not into the philanthropy things that I do.'”

She further expressed their struggle to discover a common passion, stating, “We did a couple of things together and that was amazing and very fulfilling, but we’ve never really found that one thing that the two of us can latch on to and do together as a team.”

Phillips expressed hope for the future, saying, “So I’m praying in 2024 that we’re going to find that one thing that the two of us can do together that feels really fulfilling.”

‘It’s time for us to mature and grow’

Phillips emphasized her personal growth and transformation, stating, “I’m growing, I’m changing… I’m not the same person I was 30 years ago, and I refuse to have the same marriage that we had 30 years ago. It’s time for us to mature and grow.”