Claire Foy says she has no regrets for ending role in The Crown

Claire Foy Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Most actors regret it when their journey runs its course in a critically-acclaimed project. For Claire Foy, it was a relief that she went through when her journey came to an end after Season 2 of Crown.

Foy, who plays Queen Elizabeth in Crown for the first two seasons, speaks about her role in the series as the last season is set to come out, per People. She reveals she has “moved on” since her titular journey ended in 2017, stating, “I’ve got a lot of love for the people who are still doing the show, but for my own sanity, I ended the show when I ended it,” adding, “I let it go and moved on and I think that’s quite healthy.”

Shortly after her departure, the 39-year-old actress reveals to People, “I don’t feel like I’m defined by playing Queen Elizabeth,” adding, “It’s a huge honor that people liked that character and therefore see me as that character. So, I’m not trying to actively go against that.”

Foy continues, “My career is only for me, really,” adding, “I can’t do it for anybody else and so the choices and decisions I make are purely based on what I want to do. That’s it really. It’s a really selfish thing.”

Foy was succeeded by Olivia Coleman, who played the middle-aged Queen Elizabeth for Seasons 3 and 4, followed by Imelda Staunton for Seasons 5 and 6.

Several members of the show’s team opened up to PEOPLE about some of the behind-the-scenes pieces that made it a hit — and why Foy, Colman, and Staunton were the perfect leaders. The series’ historical consultant, Robert Lacey, spoke up about how Foy was the perfect cast to play the Queen. He states, “They were very glamorous years. The Queen was the most glamorous figure in the world, and Claire Foy captured that well,” adding, “She also conveyed her fragility and her uncertainty and how she grew into the role.”

The costume designer for the show also had some perspective on Foy playing the Queen’s character. She states, “This young girl growing up, the discipline that she brings on herself is quite remarkable. Her clothes might be fashionable, but there’s a more controlled element about them.”

Lacey then went on to speak about Colman, who he thinks has “portrayed how the Queen could relate to her people more closely than their elected representatives.” Hair and makeup designer Cate Hall said, “Olivia led the way on fun. She just wasn’t going to have a kind of somber serious makeup truck,” adding, “We would have lunchtime raves. All the lights would go off and there’d be loads of neon, loud music, and glow sticks. Considering we were doing quite serious subject matter, the light relief was quite intense.”

Moving on to Staunton, who will be back for the final part of Season 6 in December, Lacey said, “She captured the twinkle amid the dowdiness. She brought great softness to the stern side of the Queen,” adding, “Those were the years of the family issues threatening to derail the family institution. You could say she kept it on the rails.”

The Crown Season 6 Part 2 is coming to Netflix on December 14.