Clone High Reboot: Everything we know so far

Clone High: Everything we know so far
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When will the new animated series premiere on HBO Max? Continue reading to find out more about Clone High Season 2.

While the original show was abruptly canceled after only one season, the series has certainly developed a cult following that demanded a reboot loud and clear. So, it is no surprise that after two decades, Clone High is being rebooted like the classic MTV series starring Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence, which has received a two-season order from the streaming service and will be a ten-episode series order for Warner Bros. The show followed, Clone High, which is set in a high school in the fictional town of Exclamation, USA, that is secretly being run as an elaborate military experiment orchestrated by a government office called the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures. 

The school is entirely populated by the clones of famous historical figures that were created in the 1980s and raised with the intent of having their various strengths and abilities harnessed by the United States military, which comes from MTV Entertainment Studios. If you are one of those, who want to learn more about this new animated series, then you have reached the right place! For your convenience, we’ve compiled a brief summary of everything you need to know about the latest reboot series at Web News Observer! Here is everything we know about Clone High so far.


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Clone High: When will it premiere?

It’s been nearly two years since HBO Max ordered two seasons of the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller production, and thanks to Miller, we’re one step closer to a specific release date. As per recent updates, it seems like the animation is still ongoing, as no update about completion has been disclosed yet. But if we have to speculate, the first season will make its debut sometime in the mid-to-late 2023 range with the same premiere time as other shows on the streaming service, which is at midnight PT (3 a.m. ET). 

Any confirmation about the release date of the second season seems way too early to reveal, but it can premiere this year if the creators want to; we just have to wait and see. So, in order to receive updates on when the new series premieres, interested viewers can also enable notifications on HBO Max. Additionally, while celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the show’s original debut, Miller shared a GIF of a clone coming off ice courtesy of a blow-dryer, quoting, “20 years ago today our first show, Clone High, debuted. Seems about time to unfreeze the clones. They’ll be fully thawed out in 2023 on HBOMax.” Take a look at the announcement below: 

Moreover, the streamer has confirmed it is producing presentations for a slate of animated originals currently in development. “It is a tremendous privilege to build on the 100-year-plus legacy of ‘cartoons’ at this company,” said Suzanna Makkos, EVP of Original Comedy and Adult Animation at HBO Max.

Further adding, “We can draw a straight line from our hundreds of childhood hours spent watching Bugs outwit Elmer to the current slate of adult animated projects we are building here at HBO Max, and we think fans will agree. We are proud to introduce this distinctive group of series from a wide range of diverse creators that will form a first-stop destination for animation lovers everywhere.” Additionally, Lord and Miller are set as executive producers and writers, Lawrence is executive producer with Erica Rivinoja, who wrote on the original Clone High, named as showrunner. 


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When available to stream, Clone High, along with other original series, will only be accessible on HBO in the United States and will also be available to stream in 4K resolution on HBO Max as it is an exclusive series developed for the digital streaming platform. Moreover, membership on the platform costs $10 per month (or $100 per year) for the ad-supported plan and $15 per month (or $150 per year) for the ad-free option. The viewers can choose the membership plan according to their preferences and stream the vast catalog that HBO Max has to offer its users, with TV shows and movies ranging across different genres. Check out the official interview with Miller and Lord on Collider’s YouTube channel which gives a little insight into the series below:

Clone High Reboot: Christopher Miller and Phil Lord Give Update on Revival at HBO Max

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