Coldplay thanks BTS Jin for special concert appearance one year after ‘The Astronaut’ release

Credit: Twitter

On the one-year anniversary of their memorable concert in Buenos Aires, British band Coldplay expressed their heartfelt thanks to BTS member Jin, H.E.R, Golshifteh, and their global fanbase for making the event extraordinary. This special concert was marked by the release of Jin’s solo track, “The Astronaut,” on October 28, 2022, leading to a significant celebration in the world of music.

A Memorable Appearance

Coldplay took to their social media on October 28 to convey their gratitude to the artists and fans who made their concert in Buenos Aires unforgettable. Jin, H.E.R, Golshifteh, and the Coldplay ensemble left an indelible mark on the one-year-old event, which was celebrated worldwide. The BTS fandom also joined in by showering their appreciation on both Coldplay and Jin for this memorable collaboration.

A Tribute to Jin

Fans around the world participated in various forms of celebration to mark the first anniversary of Jin’s collaboration with Coldplay. Before his military service began, Jin joined forces with Coldplay for his solo track, “The Astronaut.” This milestone anniversary garnered considerable attention and appreciation from fans, emphasizing their longing for Jin, who is currently serving in the military.

Anniversary Celebrations in Full Swing

To commemorate the first anniversary of “The Astronaut,” fans organized charity events and streaming parties. The song has maintained its popularity since its release, amassing hundreds of millions of views on YouTube for its music video. The Spotify streams have seen a significant surge in celebration of the anniversary. In one heartwarming initiative, fans conducted a School Supply Drive, distributing essential items like bags, tumblers, and umbrellas to students in need. Others took to the internet to participate in streaming and trending parties, making the one-year anniversary a grand celebration of Jin’s collaboration with Coldplay.