Colorado woman, 67, gored by mule deer outside her home

mule deer
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In the quest for a mule deer, authorities are actively searching following an incident where a 67-year-old Colorado woman was gored by the “aggressive” animal outside her home on Saturday evening, resulting in a leg puncture wound. The shocking incident unfolded at the doorstep of her Silver Cliff residence, where the woman fell victim to an assault by a small mule deer buck equipped with two spikes on each antler, as revealed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in a news release.

The victim sustained a puncture wound on her left leg and severe bruising on her right leg before managing to retreat indoors and alerting her husband, according to CPW.  She was then taken to a hospital in Pueblo. Notably, after the sudden attack, two young bucks were observed engaged in sparring in her yard, a behavior commonly seen during mating season, as per the agency.

Authorities will euthanize the deer, once found

Authorities are actively searching for the deer, and if located, CPW stated that the animal will be euthanized. The potential attraction of the deer to the house is speculated to be linked to a bird feeder on the property.

Mike Brown, CPW’s area wildlife manager in the region, reported, “A wildlife officer went to investigate and found a bird feeder in the yard. The victim told a CPW officer that she feeds birds and had thrown out bread earlier that day.”

‘They become aggressive and dangerous’

Given the proximity of the deer’s attack near her residence, officials promptly conjectured that someone had been feeding the deer, adding to its natural fear of people.

Mike Brown, the CPW area wildlife manager, remarked, “I believe this is a good example of what happens when deer lose their natural fear of humans. They become aggressive and dangerous. This is a good reminder that wild animals should always be treated as such and that people need to give wildlife the space they need. We’re glad this woman wasn’t more seriously injured.”

The incident unfolded in a quaint town with a population of 600, situated approximately 50 miles west of Pueblo in Colorado.