Connecticut man arrested for allegedly killing his daughter’s 2-year-old bulldog

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

What can push a man to harm his daughter’s dog? 51-year-old Arnaldo Silva did exactly that and more. Hailing from Connecticut, the incident happened at Northford, where Arnaldo has been charged with her daughter’s 2-year-old bulldog’s murder and also second-degree threatening charges of his daughter.

The man was arrested by the North Branford Police Department on November 15, 2023, when police responded to the possibility of domestic abuse in the area on November 13th night. The dog was killed with an unknown weapon, as per the police, and was found dead on arrival.

On the crime scene, Arnold Silva had already killed the dog. When the police entered, as per the official media reports, they allegedly followed a trail of blood at his residence that “began in the living room and carried on down a hallway and into Silva’s bedroom. Silva reportedly had a bloody nose and was dressed in clothing that was covered in blood.”

Silva resisted as he was under the influence of substances like alcohol and/or drugs. He was acting uncooperative and unruly, and because of this, police decided to shift him to Yale New Haven Hospital. Here, Silva received the medical attention he needed.

The police also investigated the crime scene and recovered the dog’s body. A bloody kitchen knife was found in the kennel. As per People, “An autopsy will be performed by the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory to determine the dog’s cause of death.” This incident has been under investigation by the New Haven’s State Attorney’s Office and East Haven Animal Control.

The police have not confirmed all the charges, and the Animal Rights Commission has not given in their report either.

Silva was to appear in court post-arrest on November 16, with animal cruelty and second-degree threat charges.

North Branford Deputy Chief James Lovelace says, “I commend the swift and decisive action of our officers in ensuring the safety of the victim and apprehending the suspect. Our department remains dedicated to upholding the safety and well-being of our community. We too are appalled and disturbed by this atrocious violent crime and our heart and deepest sympathy go out to all involved. We are thankful for our first responders, partnerships with the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office and East Haven Animal Control.”

He also speaks about how the incident is evidence of complex and challenging turmoils law enforcement agencies face daily. He also speaks about the incident and says he wishes for a speedy prosecution to a conviction court trial that should give Silva the right punishment to the full extent of the law. The police have been shocked by this incident and have failed to understand the intent or motive behind this incident. It is also shocking to see there are no witness accounts or any strange behavior reported in the past. While we wait for many answers, only proceeding court trials can help us know what happened and why it happened.