Courteney Cox gets talking about the sixth installment of Scream

Courteney Cox
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Courteney Cox of FRIENDS fame is going to be back on the screen again! The talented actress who played the role of Monica in the popular sitcom recently opened up about something that is going to leave all of her fans excited. During one of her recent conversations with Entertainment Tonight, Cox revealed the upcoming sixth installment of the iconic horror franchise Scream. It was only in January this year that the original cast drove everyone crazy with their amazing performance and of course, the unique story.

Courteney Cox, during her interview, stated that she isn’t aware of the contracts of the movie and where things are. However, the actress did add that the script for the sixth installment of Scream is a really good one! Moreover, she hilariously added about literally getting killed if she reveals the script for the movie. For the unversed, it has been confirmed that the sixth installment of Scream is surely going to be made and that it will be released in March 2023.

Courteney on her work

In the same interview, Courteney Cox also talks about her ongoing Starz series titled Shining Vale which is another horror masterpiece. Now, the fans are really going to be sent into a frenzy after knowing that even this series is up for a second season. For the unversed, Cox plays the role of Patricia in Shining Vale. Talking about her character, she said that it is a multifaceted one and that it is going to be more because she was heading right into the psych ward at the end of the season.


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Courteney on FRIENDS

The actress surprisingly has also revealed that there are a whole lot of similarities between her current series and FRIENDS. She stated that FRIENDS started on stage 5 where the attic now includes her character. The actress also hopes to make a comeback without a mask-like many of us do right now. She wishes for the commissary to be open and wants to sit on the same seat as she used to do while shooting for FRIENDS.


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When we talk about Courteney Cox, we cannot stop but discuss FRIENDS. As mentioned earlier, she played the role of Monica in the popular TV sitcom. The series chronicles the lives of six friends Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel who live their lives to the fullest while facing all the trials and tribulations of the world.