Is Criminal Minds leaving Netflix?

Criminal Minds
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When is Criminal Minds leaving Netflix?

Criminal psychology never ceases to amaze us. Correct us if we are wrong but at some or the other point of time, all of us have thought about what exactly makes one a cold-blooded killer. Because no matter what, there’s definitely something going on at the back of their heads which makes them do unthinkable to others. And it becomes even more exciting when any series or show tries to serve that to us, like The Blacklist and Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds had fifteen seasons in total which have wrapped up airing and have made itself a considerable amount of following around the world. Multiple streaming platforms tried to take it up in their libraries and yet it was always available in a limit. Netflix had twelve seasons of it and as per what we caught from the wind, they are also likely to leave soon. Here’s everything we know about the removal:

Criminal Minds

Is Criminal Minds Leaving Netflix?

On a sad note, yes, all the seasons of Criminal Minds that are currently on Netflix will soon be leaving the streaming service and trust us when we say the removal is right around the corner.

When will Criminal Minds leave Netflix?

Seasons 1 to 12 of Criminal Minds are all set to leave the streaming service on June 29, 2022. So if you were planning to watch it or are right in the middle of it, finish it all before it vanishes from the streaming platform.

Are all the seasons leaving the platform?

As of now, Netflix has the initial twelve seasons of the series due to some agreements and unfortunately all of them are going to get removed from its library very soon.

Criminal Minds

Where is Criminal Minds available to stream?

All the seasons of widely acclaimed police procedural crime drama, Criminal Minds are available to stream on Paramount+. The last three seasons of the series are also available on Hulu.

What is Criminal Minds all about?

Criminal Minds follows a group of agents and profilers in the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who by studying human behavior and one’s tendencies based on their personalities, find the suspect or what they like to call an unsub. The team includes Aaron Hotchner and  Emily Prentiss who have served as the Chief of Unit; Spencer Reid, who is an expert on geographic profiling; Derek Morgan, who is an expect in obsessional crime; JJ, who was once the team’s communication liaison and later joins as a profiler too and many more imminent members, who take out the worst of the worsts from the streets.

Who is in the cast of Criminal Minds?

Criminal Minds

  • Aaron Hotchner played by Thomas Gibson. He is an FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Unit Chief of the BAU. He has previously worked in the Seattle field office.
  • Derek Morgan played by Shemar Moore. He is another one of the FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Before joining BAU, he workes in Chicago Police Department.
  • Dr. Spencer Reid played by Matthew Gray Gubler. He is an FBI Supervisory Special Agent too.
  • Jennifer “JJ” Jareau played by A. J. Cook. She is an FBI Supervisory Special Agent. She has previously worked as communication liaison for Behavioral Analysis Unit.
  • Penelope Garcia played by Kirsten Vangsness. She is BAU’s communications liaison as well as the technical analyst.
  • Emily Prentiss is played by Paget Brewster. She is the Unit Chief of BAU and supervisory special agent.
  • David Rossi played by Joe Mantegna. He is a senior supervisory special agent.
  • Tara Lewis played by Aisha Tyler. She is a supervisory special agent and forensic psychologist for the Unit.
  • Matt Simmons played by Daniel Henney. He is another one of the supervisory special agent. He has been a member of the International Response Team.