Criss Angel asks ex-wife Shaunyl Benson to remarry him after divorce

Criss Angel Shaunyl Benson
Credits: Shaunyl Benson/Instagram

Ever heard about finding love twice in the same person? Criss Angel really proved it as the magician once again proposed to his ex-wife, Shaunyl Benson. The American singer shared the heartwarming video capturing their intimate moment on Instagram last Saturday.

Shaunyl Benson shared a clip of Angel’s proposal

In the posted video, the Australian singer appeared pleasantly surprised before bursting out in tears when Angel presented her with an engagement ring, asking her to marry him again. Benson covered her face in shock and teared up as Angel spoke.

To maintain privacy, the singer soundtracked the footage with Will Gittens’ cover of Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One.” Angel then placed the diamond ring on his on-again fiancée’s finger. As she stood up, the couple shared a tender kiss, with Benson holding Angel’s face.

‘Forever and ever’

Benson, 33, penned a heartfelt caption dedicated to the illusionist.“A forever promise from my ex husband/current boyfriend/ future husband lol in our own little bubble of uniqueness. Here’s to our wild ride over the last almost 11 years.. with many speed bumps and detours along the way. But after everything my love, you’re still THE one. @crissangel forever and ever and ever baby.”

Angel, 55, also shared a similar version of the sweet moment with The Smiths’ song ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ as background music. “FOREVER & EVER MY BEAUTIFUL LOVE I PROMISE @shaunylbenson ,” he wrote in the caption.

Benson and Angel divorced in 2016

After three years of dating, the couple discreetly exchanged vows shortly before Valentine’s Day in February 2015, as reported by TMZ at the time. Although they reportedly went through a divorce the following year, fate brought them back together.

In their journey together, they’ve welcomed three children: two sons, Johnny (9) and Xristos Yanni (4), and a daughter named Illusia, who is 2 years old.