Dare Me Season 2: Will we ever get to see another season?

Dare Me Season 2
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Who doesn’t love teen dramas? It’s cute, it’s a tear-jerker, and gives a sneak peek into the curveballs that life throws at you when you are a teenager. College, love life, parents, friends, and that one group who always wants to make things worse for you. All these things make for an interesting watch and attract teenagers and adults alike.

Dare Me is one such series that takes you to the world of cutthroat high school politics and explores female friendships and a lot of facades. The series, based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Megan Abbott, aired back in 2019. Since then, all people want to know is if they will get to see Dare Me Season 2.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dare Me Season 2.

Dare Me Season 2

Will there be Season 2 of Dare Me?

This show that premiered on USA Network on December 29, 2019, was canceled a month after the series was concluded by USA Network. All of this was done without any reason being disclosed but we suppose it happened because of USA Network’s changing strategy focusing more on unscripted programming and reality shows. So, it might come as a disappointment that Dare Me Season 2 is canceled.

Could Netflix revive Dare Me?

Netflix is simply the international distributor of Dare Me as opposed to a full co-production. According to some speculations, it is believed that Netflix did get a chance to revive the show, but they didn’t. But fans have been constantly asking Netflix for Dare Me Season 2, to which Netflix recently said that they have no plans of bringing a Season 2.

Therefore, it would be rational to not get your hopes too high for Dare Me Season 2.

What could have been the plot of Dare Me Season 2?

A lot of us are still keen on knowing about what might have happened if Dare Me had been renewed for its Season 2. Here is what we think would have happened:

We know from the author and the showrunner Megan Abbott that the show following the chucks of mystery quite closely only got through half of the book in its Season 1 and is therefore likely to continue from the source material and tell us more about what actually happened to Sarge Will in Season 2 if at all it happens. There are many other questions as well that the fans are still wondering about, like what happens to Hanlon and Beth’s friendship, what about Kurtz’s fate, will Mr. Coach ever learn what Coach French has been up to, and many more were supposed to be answered in Dare Me Season 2 if it would have been renewed.

Dare Me Season 2
Credit: USA Network

What is Dare Me about?

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Megan Abbott and following the lives of competitive high school cheerleaders in “a small Midwestern town,” the show was able to build out more stories. This was possible because the book is only from one character’s point of view, whereas the show rotates mainly on the point of view of Addy, Beth, and the coach and a bit on the other characters’ mind dynamics too.

You can watch the trailer from Dare Me here:

Dare Me (USA Network) Trailer HD - Willa Fitzgerald series

What is the cast of Dare Me?

The cast of the show included:

  • Herizen Guardiola as Addy Hanlon
  • Marlo Kelly as Beth Cassidy
  • Willa Fitzgerald as Coach Colette
  • Rob Heaps as Matt French
  • Paul Fitzgerald as Bert Cassidy
  • Alison Thornton as Tacy Cassidy
  • Zach Roerig as Sergeant Will Mosley
  • Chris Zylka as Corporal Kurtz
  • Tamberla Perry as J.J. Curtis
  • Adrian Walters as Jimmy Tibbs and many more.

We could have seen the return of almost the same cast in Dare Me Season 2, provided it would have had happened.

Dare Me season 2: Renewed or cancelled on Netflix

How many episodes are there in Dare Me?

Dare Me has 10 episodes that run from 42 to 53 minutes each.

Where to watch Dare Me season 1?

Dare Me, that first aired on USA Network, is now available to stream on Netflix.