Dark Season 4: Will we ever get to see another season?

Dark Season 4
Credits: Netflix

Dark is a 2017 German thriller and supernatural series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The show is set in a fictional small town named Windon in Germany where the events take place, around which the narration of the story is based. The story follows the aftermath of the disappearance of two children from the town.

Furthermore, as the case and story progress, the truth about family connections between four estranged families unravels itself and it is related to a time travel conspiracy that spans several generations. The series explores the greater themes of time and brings forth sinister happenings around it.

Dark season 4
Credit: Netflix

For the unversed, Dark Season 1 was released in December 2017 on Netflix, Season 2 came out in June 2019, and the third season was released in June 2020. It goes without saying that Dark is a critically acclaimed show.

It received positive feedback from the viewers and critics because of the complex narrative and structure of the story, its sound, and visuals, and for creating an ambiance of mystery that revolves around time travel. BBC Culture gave Dark “the 58th greatest TV series of the 21st Century” in 2021.

But all these facts point towards the fact whether we will have Dark Season 4 or not? And here’s the truth behind it.

Will there be a Season 4 of Dark?

As of now, there is no confirmation about Dark Season 4. It is assumed that the series ended after the release of Season 3. It was made official after the creator of the show, Baran bo Odor posted a picture on Instagram where he mentioned clearly that he envisioned the series as a three-season run from the beginning. So it is bad news for the fans as they won’t be able to see Dark Season 4.


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What could have been the possible plot for Dark Season 4?

Even though the story ended with a lot of timelines. Dark Season 4 could have further explored the world of a different timeline altogether and weaved a story within that timeline and its overlapping years with new characters or some old ones. The makers could have played with the idea of exploring new characters in the same universe of Windon or they can write new characters in a completely different Dark universe, bit with the same concept of time travel and “grandfather paradox”. However, good things do end and so did Dark.

Dark season 4
Credit: Netflix

Dark Season 3 Recap

*Spoilers Ahead*

Towards the third season, the story tracks the four families in the apocalypse in 2020. It introduces us to a parallel world. The timeline for the third season is 1954, 1987, 2020, and 2053. But in this season 1888 is also introduced and 2019, 2052 in the second world, as the factions lead their own desires for each world.

Time travel is an essential and intrinsic part of the show and the universe of Dark. The time travel also gives an opportunity for romance which is completely unbelievable as the four families are connected to each other in a  bizarre way. In Winden, 2053, the world ended and Elisabeth turned on the time machine, activating the dark matter and opening a portal to 2020 Charlotte. Katharina, meanwhile, opened the Sic Mundus gate in the cave. Jonas, who was near Martha’s body, then met a new Martha with bangs, who said she’s from another world. not another time.

Dark season 4
Credit: Netflix

It is further revealed that there is no free Will because one is not able to control their deepest desires, so they end up being controlled by them. Jonas and Martha arrive in original Martha’s homeworld but she leaves him behind. In the world without its own Jonas, Martha’s world is basically a cracked mirror of Jonas’ own dark world.

In the last episode, Michael dies again, and this leads to Jonas waking up again. Claudia tells her version of the truth and convinces Jonas and Martha to take a star bridge into space. In the final scene, we see some characters enjoying a dinner party in modern-day Winden. Peter Doppler, Hannah Kahnwald, Katharina Nielson, and Benni and Torben Wöller were there. They are the only ones who are alive, while everybody in Adam and Eva’s world doesn’t exist anymore. The reason behind this is that these characters were not born as a product of time travel.

Regina hasn’t died of cancer and Hannah is pregnant even though her partner Mikkel doesn’t exist anymore, and Peter seems to be happy with his partner who is trans, instead of Charlotte, and this is because now she doesn’t exist.

dark season 4
Credits: Netflix

How many episodes are there in Dark?

Dark Season 1 has 10 episodes, Season 2 and Season 3 have 8 episodes each.

Where to watch Dark?

All 3 seasons of Dark are available on Netflix.

Dark Cast

Dark has a huge list of characters therefore there are many cast members. The major cast of
the series Dark is:
● Louis Hofmann
● Lisa Vicari
● Gina Stiebitz
● Maja Schöne
● Oliver Masucci
● Andreas Pietschmann
● Antje Traue
● Moritz Jahn
● Jordis Triebel
● Karoline Eichhorn
● max schimmelpfennig
● Carlotta von Falkenhayn
● Daan Lennard Liebrenz
● Deborah Kaufmann
● Paul Lux
● Julika Jenkins
● Mark Waschke
● Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
● Stephan Kampwirth
● Roman Knižka
● Peter Benedict

Dark Plot

dark season 4
Credit: Julia Terjung/Netflix

In case you haven’t started watching the show yet, here’s the synopsis. The show starts as the children in Windon start disappearing from the German town of Windon. The investigation also reveals the broken relationships, dual lives, and sinister past of the four major families living in the town. Thus, the story spans four generations of families.

In the first season, which begins in 2019, the case of missing children is the focus, but later the season incorporates 1986 and 1953 through time travel. The family members of the show’s main families get to know about the wormhole in the cave, from where the kids disappeared. During the first season, we get to know the dark secrets of the Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann families, and their lives begin to change as we learn about their connections.

The second season takes the story forward as the families that are interlinked begin to reunite with their missing family members. Some extra storylines are set in 2053 and 1921. The second season introduces Sic Mundus Creatus Est, a secret time travel society, a significant group in the ongoing battle for the ultimate fate of the people of Winden and the world. Thus, the second season progresses towards the apocalypse and the story goes on.