Dated & Related Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Source: Netflix

Is Dated & Related Season 2 in the works? Read on to find out.

Will the singles make their first move in front of their siblings? Well, if you’ve watched Dated & Related Season 1 on Netflix, you must have found it out. After the love of the public showered on the 10-episode series on Netflix, it is still unclear whether Dated & Related will catch fire and be renewed for Season 2. What’s your opinion on this?

Dated & Related is not renewed for a second season till now. This show is the first dating show of its kind. It stands out from the crowd of a number of dating shows that appear on Netflix today. Throughout the years, numerous dating shows have been successful on Netflix, and many of them have been renewed for further seasons. But there is no such sign about Dated & Related yet.


Is it too soon to comment on the renewal of Dated & Related? Since the release of the trailer and official synopsis by the streaming platform Netflix, the public was quite excited to find out the gist of the new series. If you are one of those super-excited fans who have already watched Season 1 and are now looking for some hints of Dated & Related Season 2, you must know that it is too early for Netflix to make a decision on the renewal of the show.

The team usually waits a month or so after a show’s premiere to analyze the statistics of the show and then decide its fate. Before renewing or canceling a show, Netflix checks whether the number of viewers is falling gradually or the show is being watched for long hours. While viewership numbers are the main deciding factor, there are other factors at play besides them in Netflix’s decision-making process.


We hope that Netflix will give the green light to Dated & Related Season 2. Another hint for the renewal is that most of Netflix’s reality series have got at least one renewal, which counts for two seasons. So, hopefully, Dated & Related will also get one.

If you wish to get the show, Dated & Related, renewed, make sure you watch all ten episodes and also spread the word to your colleagues. The major deciding factor – the viewership numbers must be focused upon.

For the unversed, Netflix is up with a new dating show, Dated & Related, that brings 7 pairs of siblings and a pair of cousins to a romantic villa along with the host Melinda Berry from Too Hot to Handle.


Hope we get the news of Dated & Related Season 2 soon! Till then, stay tuned.