David Harbour says his marriage with Lily Allen is ‘going so great’ amid split rumors

David Harbour
Credits: David Harbour/Instagram

David Harbour, the husband of Lily Allen, has dismissed rumors of a marriage crisis, emphasizing that their relationship has been “going so great”, in a recent interview with People. This comes after speculations arose about trouble in their relationship when Allen ‘unfollowed’ Harbour on social media.

He later clarified that their busy schedules, influenced by the actors’ strike, contributed to the perceived distance. Despite spending time apart due to work commitments, Harbour highlighted that “Ultimately, it’s very good because you get to know someone.” 


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Harbour detailed how the actor’s strike affected his relationship with his wife Allen

The actor, 48, spoke out on his marriage while attending the BoxLunch Holiday Gala in Hollywood earlier this week. “But, let me tell you, my wife likes when I go to work because it’s nice for her to have her life and me to have my life and for us not to just annoy each other by being around all the time,” he explained.

“We have these two kids, and it’s so great,” Harbour added, speaking of his stepchildren, Allen’s daughters Ethel, 11 and Marnie, 10. “We get to raise them and stuff, and as our marriage continues, we grow closer and closer.”

Detailing how the actor’s strike affected their bond, the ‘Stranger Things’ actor said that he felt “bad” for Allen, admitting that he was “sitting on the couch depressed as hell” with “nothing” to do.

“It’s been bad,” the actor described the situation. “It’s like what happened to me in the same way in COVID, where you think to yourself like, ‘Oh, now, I kind of have all this time.’ And then you just check your Google alerts every five minutes and are just neurotically insecure.”

Trouble in paradise?

Speculation of trouble in their marriage began when fans noticed that Allen had unfollowed Harbour on Instagram while he continued to follow her. Moreover, a source confirmed to The Sun that the pair had been living separate lives for three months at that time.

“Lily and David have barely been together for the past three months and have been living separate lives. When she was in London for the Pillowman, David was spotted at one performance in July before Lily was left by herself. In her downtime, Lily would be with mates in London or her kids. When she went back to the US with them, there was no sign of David,” the source dished.