Dead End: Paranormal Park on Netflix: What we know so far

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Credits: Netflix

Who doesn’t like an adventure park trip? Roller coasters with a lot of screaming, nauseating carousels, scrambler, bumper cars which are pretty much violent, and yes, the spine-chilling haunted house, even the thought of all that kick starts the adrenaline rush.

However, how would that be if your partner on a roller coaster is a thousand-year-old witch? Or your ice cream vendor transforms into a translucent see-through ghost? Or if you see an actual demon with sharp teeth and red eyes in the haunted house? What if the adventure park is haunted and might be a portal to some other world? All of it will be true in Netflix’s upcoming animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park, previously known as DeadEndia. 

The series is created by Hamish Steele based on his own graphic novels of the same name. It is being produced by Blink Industries and Netflix Animation. Here’s everything to know about the upcoming animated series, Dead End: Paranormal Park.

Dead End Paranormal Park
Credits: Blink Industries

Dead End: Paranormal Park Release Date

Netflix hasn’t released any confirmation announcement regarding the release date of Dead End: Paranormal Park. Initially, it was expected to hit the streaming platform in the fall of 2021 however multiple aspects including the pandemic kept delaying it. Now, even though the release date hasn’t been announced but it is expected to be out sometime in 2022. 

Dead End: Paranormal Park First look and trailer

The trailer of the upcoming animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park hasn’t been released yet but a first look picture was released by Netflix along with the series announcement:

Dead End: Paranormal Park  Plot

The story follows Barney and Norma. They work at a haunted house in an adventure park during the summer. The twist? The park is truly haunted, and maybe there is a portal to hell there. So now Barney and Norma, along with Pugsley, a talking dog, and Courtney, a thousand-year-old demon, fight off the undead, evil witches and wizards, monsters, all while having juggling through their jobs and personal love lives. 

Dead End: Paranormal Park Cast

  • Barney is being voiced by Zach Barack. Zack is a teenage trans boy who works at the haunted house at the adventure park.
  • Norma is being voiced by Kody Kavitha, a neurodiverse character who is Barney’s co-worker at the park’s haunted house. 
  • Pugsley is being voiced by Alex Brightman. Pugsley is a dog, a magical one, who has the ability to talk like humans.
  • Courtney is being voiced by Emily Osment. Courtney is a thousand-year-old demon.
  • Pauline Phoenix is being voiced by Clinton Leupp
  • Logs is being voiced by Kenny Tran
  • Badyah is being voiced by Kathreen Khavar

How many seasons can we expect for the Dead End: Paranormal Park?

There are currently two DeadEndia comics; The Watcher’s Test and Broken Halo. So it is expected that at least two seasons of the series will go on air if nothing goes south. If Steele decides to write more parts to it, then automatically more seasons will follow.