Demi Moore makes her relationship Instagram official with Daniel Humm

Demi Moore
Credit: Instagram

It seems like Demi Moore is in the mood for some surprising revelations. Recently, the American actress has made her secret romance official on Instagram, and the fans can’t keep calm about the same. Yes, you heard it right! It was on Tuesday that the actress took to Instagram and made her relationship with Daniel Humm official. The 59-year-old star has given a sneak peek of herself and Humm on Instagram while tagging him in the posts. The picture shows a shadow of the two of them together in the sun, followed by another adorable snap of the duo.


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The posts

Demi Moore’s first post introduced Humm to the fans when she revealed that the two of them were on a date to visit the palace of kings and queens. We couldn’t help but notice the cute little pup Pilaf amid the couple’s series of snaps. There is no denying that all the adorable pictures of the now-official couple scream love! In fact, we can also see Daniel Humm giving a peck on Moore’s forehead in one of the pictures. Did you know that the NYC-based restaurateur and Swiss Chef also accompanied Moore to the French Open 2022? Much to the fans’ delight, Demi Moore has also shared snaps from the same day on social media.

Check out the latest Instagram post below.


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The most adorable part was that Moore’s pup also followed the couple to the French Open. The little one could be seen comfortably seated on her lap in one of the snaps shared by the actress. Now, the latest that we know is that Daniel Humm has also re-shared Moore’s first post on his Instagram story on Wednesday to put a seal on their ongoing romance.

Previous relationships

Demi Moore spoke about her relationships earlier last year when she made an appearance on The Jess Cagle Show. When asked about healing from failed marriages, the actress said, “I think it’s a process of, not to sound cliche, but it’s really a process of learning to love yourself, accepting who you are just as you are. For me, I changed myself over and over to fit what I thought somebody else wanted.” She further said, “Working through a relationship is really commendable in our disposable times. To go through the journey of really honouring the love that brought you together in the first place, and to really give it all you’ve got, but you can’t do that without that love and acceptance of yourself.”

Moore also credited late director Joel Schumacher for helping her to get sober after her past battles with substance abuse. She said while reflecting on the lessons that the late director taught her, “I will forever be so grateful to him. As they say, somebody seeing more of you than you see yourself. And in a way, he was doing it for himself. He wasn’t yet sober. In a way, he was doing for me what he couldn’t do himself.”