DIA members confirm disbandment following contract expiry

Credit: PocketDol Studio

The popular girl group DIA is all set to go separate ways after 7 years of being together and entertaining their fans. Jung Chae Yeon, Eunchae, Yebin, Eunice, Ki Hee Hyun, and Jooeun are the current members of the group who will no longer be together as a squad. Talking about the group, it is all set to get disbanded on September 17, 2022.

Credit: PocketDol Studio

The agency’s statement

In a recent statement, DIA’s present agency PocketDol Studio confirmed that the group’s exclusive contract would expire on September 17, 2022, after 7 years. Talking about the music broadcasting schedules that were originally planned for the music shows titled Music Bank, M Countdown, Inkigayo, and Music Core have also been canceled owing to one of the members, Jung Chaeyeon’s collarbone injury.

Here is what the company said, “We would like to express our gratitude to the fans for their unwavering love and support for DIA, and ask for their unchanging warm interest and support for the members who have made a new start on their own paths.”

Jung Chaeyeon’s injury

Talking about Jung Chaeyeon, the DIA member fell down the stairs on September 10, 2022, while filming for one of her upcoming dramas titled The Golden Spoon, after which she was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. The latest reports reveal the complications to be a minor concussion and a clavicle failure, because of which she underwent surgery and has been in recovery after the same.

DIA’s details

Talking about DIA, the girl group debuted on September 14, 2015, and has also witnessed multiple member changes over the years. The group made a comeback during their 7th debut anniversary with The Blinding Past and also a corresponding MV with a rundown of multiple memorable moments and behind-the-scenes of the track’s recordings.